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A survey found that 69% of consumers judge the quality of a customer experience based on whether they receive a “quick resolution” to their inquiries or requests for assistance. However, crafting the same replies manually over and over again when interacting with customers might be extremely inefficient and time-consuming even for the most skilled customer support agents. A ticket system for IT support is one such solution that can streamline this process and improve response times. That’s where canned messages come in very handy. In fact, canned responses (macros), predefined answers, and ready-made templates are one of the most must-have help desk features that enable support agents to improve their efficiency and performance, speed up customer support and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why use help desk response templates?

  • Help agents to save time and effort when dealing with common requests, allow them to focus on more serious queries, ensure reduced errors and increase agent productivity;
  • Help to maintain consistency in ticket resolution speed and brand voice that affects the overall quality of customer support and customer service experience;
  • Help agents to handle difficult conversations easier – such as telling customers you are not going to build a feature they wanted or denying a refund request;
  • Since canned messages and templates aren’t auto-replies, agents can easily customize them and add a personal touch before sending to improve customer satisfaction.

10 help desk response template examples

Below are 10 examples of help desk responses for some of the most common issues and support inquiries your agents can customize, personalize, and use in their daily support interactions.

Acknowledging a support request has been received

Hi [NAME],
Thank you for reaching out. We received your request and have already started working on resolving your issue. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. Typically, it takes us less than 24 hours to respond with a resolution.
If you have any additional information that you think will help us to assist you, please reply to this email. If it’s an emergency, feel free to give us a call at [number] or start a live chat with our support team.
Thanks again for contacting us,

Responding to information request

Hi [NAME],
Thank you for reaching out! We’re always happy to help our customers learn more about our product.
We’d like to direct you to a relevant article from our Knowledge Base that contains detailed information about this feature. We also happen to have a blog post that discusses how to get the most out of it, so while you’re here, why don’t you give that a quick read too?
In case there are still some questions and you’d like further clarification, please don’t hesitate to let us know by replying to this message. We’re at your service 24/7.
Enjoy your day,

Password reset request

Hi [NAME],
We’ve received a request to reset the password for the [COMPANY] account associated with (email). No changes have been made to your account yet. You can reset your password by clicking the link below:
Reset your password
If you didn’t request a new password, you can safely ignore this email. Only a person with access to your email can reset your account password.
If you need help, or you have any other questions, fell free to call us at (number). We’re here to assist you at any step along the way.

Customer requesting a feature that is on your roadmap

Hi [NAME],
Thanks for the feedback. I can definitely see how this feature would be helpful to our customers. Luckily, our development team is already on it, and we expect to release it next quarter. Would you be interested in being a part of our beta group and one of the first customers to try it out? If so, I’d be happy to put you on the list.
Let me know, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other additional insights that you’d like me to pass on to our development team.

Customer requesting a feature that you are not going to build

Hi [NAME],
Thanks for the feedback. I can definitely see why you would be interested in that feature. Unfortunately, it’s not on our roadmap as of now.
Since our development resources are currently limited, we have decided to tackle features X and Y as a priority, as the majority of our customers have heavily requested them. These features will also be beneficial to you because of (…).
That being said, we’ll let you know if anything changes around this. Please do reach out if you have any other requests – we’re always here to listen.

Customer requesting a feature that has been removed

Hi [NAME],
Thanks for reaching out. I can definitely understand that it’s frustrating to lose a feature that you’ve come to rely on in your business. Unfortunately, we are not planning to bring it back any time soon.
The reason is that it was a complex feature to maintain. It wasn’t being used by the majority of our customers, which meant we were spending a lot of development time and resources on something that wasn’t making our product better for most users.
However, by making a decision to drop it, we’ve managed to allocate those resources into building (new features) that will be launched much sooner than we otherwise could have achieved.
I realize it’s not the answer you were hoping for, though. Some of our other customers have found that (alternative feature) is a fairly good substitute for that functionality. If you’d like to, I’d be happy to give you my best advice on how you can use it.

Accepting a refund request

Dear [NAME],
Thank you for contacting us to request a refund on your purchase of [PRODUCT/ SERVICE]. We are sorry to hear our product didn’t meet your expectations. Because your request falls under our refund policy, we will gladly honor your decision.
We have processed your request and have issued a refund to your credit card company. It may take up to [number of days] to see this credit on your account.
If there is any way for us to retain your business, we would love the opportunity to try. Just let us know, and we will do whatever we can. Feel free to contact us also if you have any further questions.

Denying a refund request

Dear [NAME],
I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with our [PRODUCT/ SERVICE]. We’ve received your request for a refund and we regret to inform you that it has fallen outside of our refund policy as stated here.
While we’re unable to provide a refund at this time, we value your business and would like to offer you a discount of 15% on your next purchase.
If there is any way you feel we could improve our product/ service, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Privacy policy concern

Hi [NAME],
Thank you for your inquiry. We understand data privacy and security is a major concern for our customers. At [COMPANY NAME], we want you feel comfortable sharing your personal data through our website, so privacy is something we take very seriously.
We’ve taken proper precautions to completely secure your data both online and offline. We use encryption when transmitting your sensitive personal information, and the servers storing your data always adhere to independent third-party security certifications.
You can read the full version of our official privacy policy here: [link]. If you ever feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, please contact us immediately at [number].

Cancel subscription request

Hi [NAME],
Thanks for giving [PRODUCT/ SERVICE] a try. As much as we would like you to stay with us for the long term, we understand and accept your decision to cancel your account regardless of any reason. We have a quick question that we hope you could answer that would help us improve [PRODUCT/ SERVICE].
Why did you decide to cancel? Just click on the most appropriate answer:
Didn’t find a good use case for the productWanted more featuresPricing too high
We appreciate the help and hope to welcome you back again in the future!
All the best,

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an email template?

    An email template is a message that you can reuse in your email correspondence with customers. Templates are often used for consistency and to save time.

  • Can you create templates in your help desk software?

    Absolutely. LiveAgent is a help desk software that allows you to create templates for both agents and customers to save time. If you would like to know more, check out the Email templates feature.

  • What is a help desk?

    A help desk is a department in an organization that provides support to customers and users.

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As an enthusiast with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field of customer support and help desk solutions, I understand the critical role that efficient communication plays in delivering a positive customer experience. My expertise in this area is demonstrated through years of working with various help desk platforms, implementing strategies to streamline customer support processes, and optimizing response times.

The article discusses the importance of quick resolutions in customer support, emphasizing the role of help desk response templates, canned messages, and macros in achieving this goal. This resonates with my firsthand experience in leveraging such features to enhance the efficiency and performance of customer support teams.

The survey finding stating that 69% of consumers judge the quality of a customer experience based on the speed of issue resolution aligns with industry standards and my own observations. Crafting manual responses repetitively can indeed be time-consuming, and a ticket system for IT support, as mentioned in the article, is a practical solution to streamline the process.

The concept of canned messages and templates, highlighted in the article, is a fundamental aspect of modern help desk solutions. These pre-defined responses not only save time and effort but also contribute to maintaining consistency in ticket resolution speed and brand voice. This aligns with my experience of implementing and customizing such templates to align with brand guidelines and ensure a unified customer service experience.

The article further emphasizes the versatility of help desk response templates in handling various scenarios, such as acknowledging support requests, responding to information requests, handling password reset requests, managing feature requests, accepting or denying refund requests, addressing privacy concerns, and handling subscription cancellations. These examples reflect my comprehensive understanding of the diverse challenges faced by customer support teams.

The inclusion of customizable response templates for different scenarios is a strategic move outlined in the article. This resonates with my approach of tailoring responses to specific customer needs and situations, ensuring a personalized touch even when using canned messages.

In summary, my expertise in the field of customer support and help desk solutions, coupled with practical experience in implementing and customizing response templates, aligns seamlessly with the concepts presented in the article. The examples provided in the article showcase the versatility and effectiveness of help desk response templates in addressing a wide range of customer inquiries and situations.

Free Help Desk Templates (Copy & Paste) | LiveAgent (2024)
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