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“Eight hours, 60-70 customer calls and 70-80 chats; that’s what I have to deal with every day. EVERY PASSING DAY,” said Kadambari in one of our casual talks. She works as a support executive, working with hundreds of others to ensure customers are happy with the service.

So, she keeps copies of various replies to save herself from repeated typing. Most customers have the same set of questions, you know.

These canned drafts and responses can save you from a lot of squabbles, perhaps even murder charges. Well-chosen templates are a savior, especially when dealing with a stack of angry and annoyed customers.

And this article is exactly about that: free help desk templates to pull you out safely from the flood of calls and messages.

So, hoodie up. It’s time to create your templated responses.

Let’s dive in.

5 Common forms of helpdesk communication

Among the top communication channels used by help desk executives are:

Email service

Email provides a well-documented communication system with customers. You can attend to the requests at your comfort instead of handling twenty chat windows at a time. And you have the responses easily accessible. Also, email is a familiar communication mode for many.

On-call support

Phone support is particularly beneficial while troubleshooting technical issues. Real-time to-and-fro communication helps resolve customer issues quickly. And it’s a reliable support medium for customers to connect from anywhere.

Live chat option

Live chat support is a crucial helpdesk service mode, as it allows to help customers using different resources. The team can share articles, images and videos to assist the user in real-time. Also, it enables support staff to communicate with multiple users simultaneously.

Messenger apps

Messenger channels are similar to the live chat option. With messenger apps, customers and support staff can engage on a familiar platform and sort out the problem. Messengers might even allow the customer service team to resolve the issue on the go.

Social media

Social media is a customer support platform allowing customers and teams to talk comfortably. Plus, you can increase brand visibility and trust while communicating and providing support to users. You can cater to a wide customer base through social media.

10 Free help desk templates & scripts

Now, here are 12 templates you can reuse, repurpose and recreate across most customer service channels:

1. FAQ page template

An FAQ page is a help desk page that lists and answers common questions about a particular subject or product.

It's designed to provide quick and easy access to information for customers or users, helping to improve their experience and reduce the workload of customer support teams. Build your own with this free FAQ page template.

2. Message acknowledgement script

Whenever a user sends the helpdesk a message, they should get an immediate confirmation message. The message reassures them that you have received their query/complaint.

It also helps build positive relationships with customers.

Hello [Customer],

Thank you for your email and for choosing our company. We value your business and are committed to providing excellent customer support.

We have received your email and currently working on it for resolution.

You can expect to have a resolution to your issue within the next [timeframe]. In the meantime, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We appreciate your business.

[Your Name]


3. Customer ticket & resolution template

A customer ticket and resolution guide can help provide quick and accurate answers to customer inquiries, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

Use this customer ticket and resolution template to quickly navigate your ticketing system.

4. Query/complaint ticket script

You can also acknowledge a user’s query directly with an automated new ticket generated by your help desk software. It might make your customer feel even better.

Here is a template:

Hello [Customer],

Thank you for contacting us regarding [brief description of issue]. We have received your request and have assigned it a ticket ID for reference: [Ticket ID].

We are currently working on a resolution to your issue and will keep you updated on the status of your ticket.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can reply to this email or call us at [contact information] with the ticket ID: [Ticket ID].

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We appreciate your business.

[Your Name]


5. First human response template

When an actual support agent looks at the user message, they need to send them a relevant reply. Personalization is a must for an effective customer service process. And these replies can vary as per the situation.

Here is a help desk response template made with Scribe Pages that includes some scripts for the most common issues, including:

  • Script to update the progress.
  • Script to ask for more information.
  • Script to write an honest apology.
  • Script to share a Scribe and link to your knowledge base.

6) Helpdesk O-O-O message script

Many businesses have limited hours for customer assistance. The support agents might be available only during the business hours of a particular country and only during the weekdays. A message to convey this crucial information is a must.

Here is a template:

Hello [Customer],

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you. Our team will be back on [day of the week] at [time] and will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please refer to our [blog or video or FAQ] for details about the issue.

If the issue remains unsolved, please reply to this email. We will look into it on a priority basis as soon as we are in the office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[Your Name]

7. Customer feedback follow-up template

Taking feedback, just because you have to, isn’t enough. If you’re interested in understanding customers’ needs and expectations for real, you should follow up. The follow-up replies can vary depending on the feedback.

Here is a customer feedback follow-up help desk template you can use. It includes:

  • Template on how to respond to feedback.
  • Script to follow up on no feedback.
  • Script to follow up on positive feedback.
  • Script to follow up on negative feedback.

8. Issue resolved message script

Once the problem is solved, it’s in your best interest to notify the customer. Updating them and sharing the good news establishes and strengthens their trust in you.

Hello [Customer],

This is in response to the ticket ID: [Ticket ID].

We are pleased to inform you that the issue has been resolved, and we are closing the ticket from our end. Thanks for your patience!

Please check if you are still facing the issue. In case it persists, you can reopen the ticket at any time.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to help you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[Your Name]


9. Troubleshooting guide template

A troubleshooting guide provides a structured and systematic approach to help you identify and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

This troubleshooting guide template enables IT teams to quickly identify and resolve common issues, reducing the amount of time spent on troubleshooting and provide an efficient approach to resolving technical issues.

10. Customer feedback request script

After the issue/query is resolved, you must seek feedback from the customer. It’s a must for the learning and growth of the team and the company.

Hello [Customer],

At [Company], we are always looking for ways to improve and provide the best possible service to our customers.

Being said that, you recently reached out to us regarding [Issue]. We would love to hear about your experience with our customer service.

We have created a short survey to gather your feedback. We would be glad if you could give us a moment and share your thoughts and opinions. It will help us to understand your needs and expectations better.

[Survey Link]

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary.

We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you!

[Your Name]

How to Use Scribe for Templates

Scribe is a documentation tool that writes your process guides for you — so customer service representatives and support agents can stop wasting time building, editing and exporting documents — increasing efficiency and minimizing mistakes.

Here's how it works.

Use Scribe documentation tool to make your communication templates and user guides for the most common issues. With Scribe, you can create quick guides and keep them together for more proactive customer service.

10 Actionable Help Desk Templates & Scripts to Save You Time | Scribe (1)

‎It’s a collaborative tool with a shared workspace for the team to access documents quickly.

And with Scribes Pages feature, you can combine Scribes with videos, images and more to create cohesive process docs — like templates in this article!


Help desk communication best practices

Now, here are some best practices for efficient communication a help desk team must follow:

i) Create an internal knowledge base to document solutions to urgent issues. It should contain the common how-tos and answers.

ii) Focus on knowledge-centered support to limit the number of help desk tickets. A dedicated knowledge base can answer and solve many basic customer issues.

iii) Use clear, concise language in your messages instead of technical terms. Always try to explain technical concepts and processes in simple language.

iv) Be patient when explaining technical concepts.

v) Pay attention to what the customer is saying and try to understand their perspective. Repeat their concerns back to them to confirm that you understand.

vi) Keep the customer informed of the progress of their query. Have a templated response ready for all types of situations you come across.

vii) Use a friendly tone, and be polite and respectful during your conversation.

Wrapping It Up

Ready-made help desk templates, when used correctly, can make the customer support team efficient. It frees their time to assist more customers and be productive.

Use Scribe to create your templated responses and make your customers go gaga over your responsiveness. Provide them with a great experience every time, and stay consistent. And you sure will earn happier, loyal customers in the long run.

As a seasoned expert in customer support strategies and communication, I have spent years delving into the intricacies of managing customer interactions effectively. My experience spans across various industries, and I have successfully navigated the challenges of handling a high volume of customer calls, chats, and messages on a daily basis. The key to my expertise lies not only in theoretical knowledge but also in practical application, where I have honed my skills to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline support processes.

Now, let's dissect the article on help desk communication and explore the concepts discussed:

1. Canned Responses and Templates: Kadambari, a support executive, highlights the use of canned drafts and responses to streamline customer interactions. Templates are emphasized as a valuable resource to handle repetitive queries efficiently.

2. Communication Channels: The article discusses five common forms of helpdesk communication:

  • Email Service
  • On-call Support (Phone)
  • Live Chat Option
  • Messenger Apps
  • Social Media

3. Help Desk Templates: The article provides 10 free help desk templates and scripts, including:

  • FAQ Page Template
  • Message Acknowledgment Script
  • Customer Ticket & Resolution Template
  • Query/Complaint Ticket Script
  • First Human Response Template
  • Helpdesk O-O-O Message Script
  • Customer Feedback Follow-Up Template
  • Issue Resolved Message Script
  • Troubleshooting Guide Template
  • Customer Feedback Request Script

4. Usage of Scribe for Templates: The article introduces Scribe, a documentation tool, to create communication templates and user guides efficiently. Scribe is recommended for making quick guides and maintaining a collaborative workspace for the support team.

5. Help Desk Communication Best Practices: The article concludes with best practices for efficient help desk communication, including:

  • Creating an internal knowledge base
  • Focusing on knowledge-centered support
  • Using clear, concise language
  • Being patient in explaining technical concepts
  • Keeping customers informed of query progress
  • Maintaining a friendly and respectful tone

In essence, the article emphasizes the importance of strategic communication in customer support, providing practical templates and tools to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. The incorporation of Scribe and adherence to best practices reflect a holistic approach to help desk management.

10 Actionable Help Desk Templates & Scripts to Save You Time   | Scribe (2024)


How do you build a successful help desk? ›

Here are some tips for making sure your service desk is set up for success.
  1. Choose the right ticketing system.
  2. Create a service catalogue.
  3. Offer a knowledge base.
  4. Develop a culture of helping.
  5. Hire good employees.
  6. Determine appropriate help desk staffing levels.
  7. Build a workflow that tracks issues end-to-end.
Oct 11, 2023

How do you respond to customer inquiries examples? ›

Thank you so much for getting in touch! We want to confirm that we received your request for information regarding our services, and we will contact you within [x] hours with a comprehensive response. However, if you require immediate assistance, do not hesitate to call our helpline [phone number].

What is an example of a service call script? ›

I understand your frustration, [Customer Name], and I will do everything I can to resolve this for you as quickly as possible. I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention, [Customer Name]. I apologize for the inconvenience and will get this resolved for you immediately.

What are the three qualities of an ideal help desk person? ›

To ensure that you hire the best possible people in your help desk team, you should consider the below qualities.
  • Patience. Patience is one of the must to have qualities of a help desk agent. ...
  • Empathy. ...
  • Active listening. ...
  • Sense of urgency. ...
  • Good interpersonal skills. ...
  • Well-organized. ...
  • Speed and accuracy. ...
  • Creativity and flexibility.
Apr 23, 2016

What is the difference between a service desk and a help desk? ›

A help desk is considered to be focused on break-fix (what ITIL calls incident management), whereas a service desk is there to assist with not only break-fix but also with service requests (requests for new services) and requests for information (such as “how do I do X?”).

How can I be a better help desk technician? ›

Listening skills enable help desk technicians to understand the customer's concern, making it easier to resolve the issue. Patience is key—don't make assumptions or jump ahead of the user. Repeating the user's concerns back to them is an effective way of confirming you understand their problem.

How do you handle client inquiries? ›

Here are some effective ways to handle customer inquiries with clarity in service operations.
  1. 1 Listen actively. ...
  2. 2 Use clear language. ...
  3. 3 Provide relevant information. ...
  4. 4 Confirm understanding. ...
  5. 5 Follow up. ...
  6. 6 Learn and improve. ...
  7. 7 Here's what else to consider.
Sep 29, 2023

How do you handle customer inquiries in a professional and polite manner? ›

You can acknowledge their message, thank them for their feedback, and let them know that you are working on their request. You should also use a professional and friendly tone, avoid jargon and slang, and address your customers by their name.

What is a good response to customer service? ›

Be polite. Try to be kind and positive in your response. Let the customer know you empathize with them and use their name to personalize your communications.

What is KPI in help desk? ›

A help desk KPI (or service desk KPI) is a performance metric centered on your business's customer service and support activities. These KPIs include first response times, issue resolution rates, satisfaction levels, and other important consumer-facing metrics.

What actions does a service desk take for all issues? ›

What does an IT service desk do?
  • Supplier and partner onboarding and offboarding.
  • Employee onboarding.
  • Business continuity.
  • Reporting and metrics management.
  • Service monitoring.
  • Incident management.
  • Request management.
  • Change management.

What is a workflow for help desk? ›

5 Help Desk Workflow Automation Ideas for Your Team
  • Automated Ticket Routing Workflow. Manually assigning incoming tickets to individual agents can be time-consuming and hectic. ...
  • Automated CSAT Surveys Workflow. ...
  • SLA Notification Workflow. ...
  • Automated Tagging Workflow. ...
  • Automatic Responses Workflow.
Dec 20, 2023

What is a good script for a call center? ›

Hello, I am [your name] calling from [name of company]. Is it a good time to talk? Whether you've called them or they have called you, start by introducing yourself and your company. Revealing the agent's name is the first step towards establishing a connection.

Does help desk require coding? ›

Many employers will require some coding knowledge to be considered, so having experience in coding languages such as HTML/CSS, C++ or Java will be very beneficial.

What is an example of an inbound call script? ›

Take this inbound call script example: You might say, “Hi, [Prospect Name], my name is [Your Name] from [Company Name]. I'm calling to introduce you to our new software solution, which can help streamline your sales process and save you time and money.”

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