[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (2023)

The PC edition of Monster Hunter World has many mods, which range from invaluable quality-of-life mods to the just plain silly. If you want to play as your Anime Waifu, you can do that. If you just want things to be more colorful, you can do that as well.

There are new monsters, and upgraded versions of old monsters, and even a mod that turns dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine. Your gaming experience can be greatly enhanced with the addition of mods, and so I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 mods for Monster Hunter World (in my opinion) to improve your gaming experience.

15.MHW Transmog

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (1)

Have you ever wanted to change the appearance of your armor, but not your armor bonuses? Have the perfect set of armor, but hate how it looks? If so, then this mod is for you. This mod allows you to make any armor in the game appear like any other armor.

Why You Need MHW Transmog:

  • Not as limited as the transmogrification feature added to the game in the Iceborne Expansion; literally make any armor appear to be any other armor.
  • Save materials, as you do not have to use your valuable items to craft these armor transmogrifications.
  • Make your character look as cool as you want! Take your clunky-looking armor set and make it appear to be a sleeker set with the same bonuses!

Get MHW Transmog here:


14.Smart Hunter - Overlay

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (2)

This mod is seen as somewhat controversial in the Monster Hunter Community. Traditionally, Monster Hunter games do not display the monster’s HP, relying on cues (such as limping or becoming fatigued more easily) to tell how quickly you are tearing through a poor wyvern. All of this changes with Smart Hunter - Overlay, which displays your damage totals, the monster’s HP totals, timers for your equipment, among many other things. This is a quality-of-life suite designed to make you as effective as possible at hunting.

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Why you need Smart Hunter - Overlay

  • - Perfect your tactics against any monster, learning their weaknesses, and the best ways to defeat them as quickly as possible.
  • -Keep better track of things with hidden gauges, like mounts, knockdowns, and rage.
  • -Tear a monster apart, piece by piece, by focusing on one part at a time, timing your breaks for maximum effectiveness for you and your party.

Get Smart Hunter - Overlay here:


13.Souvenir’s Light Pillar

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (3)

There is nothing worse than putting all of your hard work in to knock pieces off of a monster, only to be unable to find them before they disappear! With this mod, that problem is a thing of the past. This mod makes the glowing effects for dropped items brighter and easier to see. This is the definition of a quality-of-life mod.

Why you need Souvenir’s Light Pillar

  • - Dropped items disappear after a certain amount of time, often before they are found. Never lose your items again!
  • - Quickly find slinger ammo from across the map! You never have to go searching for it again!
  • - Enjoy watching the sparklies fly everywhere when you are winning. It’s therapeutic!

Get Souvenir’s Light Pillarhere:


12. Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for Iceborne (Hi Res)

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (4)

This is one of the most valuable quality-of-life mods you will download. This mod makes it so the icons depicting the monsters have their weakest element displayed, preventing you from having to check the hunter’s notes every time you want to switch your equipment to fight a specific monster.

Why you need Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for Iceborne (Hi Res)

  • - Quickly know exactly which element to use against which monster!
  • - Save loads of time by not having to check the hunter’s notes to determine weaknesses!
  • - See weaknesses from anywhere, including in-quest!

Get Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for Iceborn (Hi Res) here:


11.Powerful Melder

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (5)

This mod makes it so you can forge higher-ranked decorations at the Elder Melder. As simple as that. Instead of having to farm for countless hours to get a single decoration essential to your build, you can go and meld those decorations right in town!

Why you need Powerful Melder

  • Meld rare decorations from the town, rather than having to spend endless hours farming.
  • Quickly throw together a build with little more than some zenny and a bunch of old decorations.
  • Finally, something to do with all of those extra low-level decorations you have collected!

Get Powerful Melder here:


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10.Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (6)

This mod optimizes your game by removing tons of unoptimized code. This can prevent crashes and lag, and generally just makes your game run better. There’s no reason not to download this.

Why you need Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

  • -Optimizes clunky native code, improving game performance!
  • -Enables more advanced plugins to run properly.
  • -Allows the game to run on CPU-constrained systems.

Get Performance Booster and Plugin Extender here:


9.Guiding Lands Gathering Indicator

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (7)

This mod makes it so gathering spots in The Guiding Lands are displayed on your map. That’s it. Never have to search the whole map for gathering points again!

Why you need Guiding Lands Gathering Indicator

  • -Makes gathering points easier to locate in the Guiding Lands
  • -Unobtrusive. It only changes textures, so it will not interfere with other mods.
  • -Save time! Usually, gathering in the Guiding Lands is time-consuming and tedious. Spend more time hunting and less time searching!

Get Guiding Lands Gathering Indicator here:


8.All Items in Shop for Iceborne

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (8)

This is definitely a cheat mod, but if you’re willing to swallow your pride, you can spend countless more hours hunting that would otherwise be spent grinding for materials and components. This mod makes it so you can buy any material item, from monster parts to ore, to fish, all in the shop in town! You will never have to spend hours hunting the same monster again!

Why you need All Items in Shop for Iceborne

  • - Spend less time grinding and more time hunting!
  • - Save yourself the frustration of an uncooperative RNG.
  • - Purchase rare materials that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Get All Items in Shop for Iceborne here:


7.Max Decoration Level Indicator

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (9)

(Video) 5 best fair mods for Monster Hunter World Iceborne

This mod simply displays the maximum level of your skill next to the name of the jewel, allowing you to easily determine how many jewels you need to max out your skill, and what jewels you can sell/meld. This is a very simple mod, but the quality of life improvement is undeniable.

Why you need Max Decoration Level Indicator

  • - Always know exactly how many jewels you need.
  • - Sell or meld all of the extra gems that you don’t need.
  • -Quickly reference skill levels, making creating an equipment loadout easier.

Get Max Decoration Level Indicator here:


6. Appearance Editor

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (10)

Have you ever wanted to change your appearance, but do not have any appearance vouchers? Now you don’t need them with this mod. Change both your appearances whenever you wish!

Why you need Appearance Editor

  • -Change your appearance whenever you wish.
  • -Change your Palico’s appearance whenever you wish.
  • -Never have to waste money on appearance vouchers again!

Get Appearance Editor here:


5. Clear Hunter

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (11)

Clear Hunter edits the files in your game to make colors brighter, increase contrast, and just all-around make the game look better and less gray and brown. While this mod will not affect your gameplay very much, it goes miles towards making the game look as crisp and clean as possible.

Why you need Clear Hunter

  • -Increase contrast, making things easier to see in dark environments.
  • -Cleans up textures, making the game look crisper.
  • -Improves color-bleaching in the game, making the game much more colorful and vivid.

Get Clear Hunter here:


4.Safi’jiiva 1P and 2P Scaling

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (12)

Safi’jiiva is one of the most important quests you get in this game. However, having to depend on three random players to help you defeat him can become very frustrating, very fast. This add-on scales the Safi’jiiva fight so that it can be completed by 1 or 2 players, instead of basically requiring a 4-person team. Never be disappointed by less-experienced players again!


Why you need Safi’jiiva 1P and 2P Scaling

  • - Never be forced to play with randos again!
  • - Solo Safi, for easier grinding!
  • - Find a friend and team up to take Safi’jiiva on in a 2-player situation!

Find Safi’jiiva 1P and 2P Scaling here:


3. All Event Quests Always

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (13)

There are few things worse than running out of time to farm an event quest before it goes away, and having to wait until the next seasonal event rolls around to get the quest again. Never have to worry about this again! This mod simply allows you to go on event quests at any time, regardless of the time of the year!

Why you need All Event Quests Always

  • -Never be caught waiting for a quest to come back again.
  • -Get rid of the time crunch involved with grinding events.
  • - Unlimited chances to grind high-reward quests (looking at you, Chungus)

Get All Event Quests Always here:


2. Monster Hunter Stories

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (14)

One of the coolest mods you can get, this one allows you to bring a pet wyvern on a hunt with you. This wyvern will attack enemy monsters, and can even be mounted! What’s better than hunting with your friend? When your friend is a dragon!

Why you need Monster Hunter Stories

  • - Take your favorite monster on hunts with you, to help you defeat other monsters!
  • -Monsters are balanced to be more useful than Palicos, but less useful than an actual hunter. Doesn’t break the game!
  • -You can fly a dragon into battle against another dragon, which is epic.

Get Monster Hunter Stories here:


1. MHW Mod Manager

[Top 15] Best MHW Addons Every Player Needs (15)

This mod is your bread-and-butter add-on. It allows you to easily keep track of and manage all of your mods. This can prevent crashes and makes it easier to install/uninstall mods as you see fit (rather than having to dig through files to find the mods). Not as flashy as some of these other mods, this one is definitely one of the most invaluable.

Why you need MHW Mod Manager

  • -Manage all of your mods, allowing for easy installation and uninstalling.
  • -Help prevent mod errors and game crashes.
  • -Quickly see what mods you have installed.

Get MHW Mod Manager here:



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