The Y2K Outfits That Millennials Hate Are Making a Comeback (2024)

1Raey, Drop Organic-Cotton Low-Rise Baggy Jeans
2Levi's, 501 90's Jeans
3Arket, Frill Midi Strap Dress
5Aeyde, Uma Black Patent
6Vibi Venezia, Blanket-Stitched Cotton-Canvas Mary Jane Flats
7Juicy Couture, Pastel Lilac Recycled Velour Zip-Through Hoodie
8Juicy Couture, Pastel Lilac Recycled Velour Pocketed Bottoms
9Jigsaw, Sequin Cami Top
10Jigsaw, Sequin Palazzo Pants
11Fiorucci, Angels Baby T-Shirt
12SKIMS, Ringer T-Shirt
13Ami Paris, Gingham Cotton And Wool Miniskirt
15Office, Haven Round-Toe Platform Sandals
16Dune, Molten Mid-Platform Heels
17Messy Weekend, Rate Sunglasses
18Minimalista, The Baby Blossom Clip Hair Clip Pack Of Two

As we all know, due to fashion's cyclical nature, we see trends come and go. And one fashion moment, which is being spearheaded by the Gen Z, is Y2K. Millennial babies are shaking, with some even taking to social media to share their fears. If you haven’t seen Y2K fashion making its return - along with some seriously nostalgic outfit ideas - where have you been? Y2K outfits, including low-rise jeans with butterfly tops (yes, really), are all over TikTok. Twitter, on the other hand, is reeling, with comments like the below cropping up as people try and get their heads around what's happening.

What Is The Y2K Aesthetic?

Y2K outfits essentially encapsulates the 2000s - and the late '90s. In three words, it’s fun, vibrant and futuristic. During this time, technology and the internet were both evolving. Pop culture also played a huge part in the evolution of the style, the biggest It-girls being Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child and Lindsay Lohan. Cult movies like Clueless, not forgetting Mean Girls, acted as something of a fashion blueprint, too! Fast forward to today and under the TikTok hashtag '#2000saesthetic' there is a whopping 16 millionviews and counting!

How To Achieve The Y2K Look

You’ll be happy to know Y2K outfits are very achievable and with the staple pieces being so varied there’s something for everyone (well we hope so). Welcome to Y2K 101!

Low-Rise Jeans

We can’t ignore the fact that denim played a vital role in this era. Icon during this time, Britney Spears, loved a flared low-rise moment. Other denim pieces included baggy jeans, while 'denim on denim' was also very on-trend. Google searches for the style have increased by57% over the past two years, with Bella Hadid, Julia Fox and Hailey Bieber following suit.


Raey's low-rise baggy jeans would look super cool with a simple tank top.


Y2K outfits wouldn't be complete without low-rise jeans, which sit much lower on the waist than

Trousers Under Dresses

Trousers under dresses is a trend that keeps the millennials up at night, but Gen Z begs to differ. This trend is gaining huge traction on TikTok with2.4 million views for the hashtag '#skirtoverpants' and1.4 millionfor '#dressoverpants'. Will you be joining this club?


This fluttery midi dress would look great on its own or thrown over jeans.

The Y2K Outfits That Millennials Hate Are Making a Comeback (25)




A crisp pair of white cargo pants is a wardrobe cornerstone in summer (and ideal for Y2K outfits).

Ballet Pumps

With balletcore being all the talk, now is a great time to add a pair of pumps to your shopping basket.


Aeyde makes some of the coolest ballet pumps in the business.


These cotton-canvas flats are halfway between an elegant ballet flat and an espadrille.

Velour Tracksuits

The velour tracksuit. This was something that was popularised by Paris Hilton. In the early 2000s, she was always seen in a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit, and with the Y2K hype, shoppers have been picking up the set. Paris has also started her own velour tracksuit line as a throwback to her legendary style! It's a great airport outfit (just saying).


If you're buying a velour tracksuit, it's got to be Juicy Couture, Paris Hilton's favourite and

As mentioned before, the tech surge in the 2000s really fed into this idea of futuristic fashion. People wore metallic tops, skirts, bags - you name it! We saw this trend coming back, thanks to multiple metallics in the collections of Burberry, Fendi and Coperni, and it couldn't be more ideal if you're planning a going-out outfit.


Jigsaw's sequinned set can be worn together for impact or separately for a more subtle statement.

Crop Tops

The baby tees. These tops have definitely made a huge return. Whether it’s ribbed or there’s a graphic print on the front,the girlies didn't wait for summer to start wearing their crop tops (they're great for holiday outfits, obviously). Paired with a long denim jean, it’s a look!


No one makes baby tees like Fiorucci.

The Y2K Outfits That Millennials Hate Are Making a Comeback (41)




This cute raglan-style tee is reminiscent of Saved by the Bell.

The Y2K Outfits That Millennials Hate Are Making a Comeback (42)



The Skirts

When you think Y2K skirts, you can't help but remember Cher and Dionne's plaid numbers in Clueless! The skirts from this time were so bright and playful. Now it's come full circle, skirts are really the in thing - especially mini ones. As Paris Hilton says ‘skirts should be the size of a belt’. Hopefully you've got that sound on TikTok.


Ami's gingham skirt is on sale (if you won't tell Cher, we won't).


Dionne would definitely pick up this high-waisted tweed mini from & Other Stories.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been really hard to miss as of late. Almost everything has a wedge or a little height, whether it's a sandal or a boot. And who can blame them? Channel your inner Bratz doll.


These round-toe platform sandals will get you through wedding guest season in style.


These mid-platform heels are available in five different shades, from neutral to metallic.


What’s an outfit without the accessories? Popular items we're seeing re-emerging are butterfly clips, colourful bandanas and sporty sunnies! The futuristic frames especially are growing in popularity with Pinterest searches for the style increasing by21%.


Messy Weekend has a dedicated section for active sunglasses.


These blossom hair clips are so 2002 (in a good way).

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The Y2K Outfits That Millennials Hate Are Making a Comeback (2024)
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