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THE WASHINGTON CRITIC MONDAY EVENING EBRUARY 24 1890 Gas Stoves for Cooking! 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St Louts Chicago and Cincinnati Express 880 daily Parlor Car Washington to Harrisburg ana Sleeping Can Harrisburg to St Louis Chicago and Cincinnati and Dining Car Harrisburg to St Louis Western Express at 740 dally with Sleeping Can Washington to Chicago and St Louis connecting daily at Harris burg with through Sleepers for Louisville and Memphis Pacific Express 10)00 daily for Pittsburg and the West with through Sleeper to Pittsburg and Pittsburg to Chicago BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC RAILROAD ob Kanb Canandaigua Rochester and Niagara alls daily except Sunday 810 am ob Erix Canandaigua and Rochester daily for Buffalo and Niagara dally except Saturday 1000 pm with Sleeping Car Wash ington to Rochester ob Williamspobt Lock Haven and El mira at 1050 a dally except Sunday ob Williamsport daily 830 ob Philadelphia New York and the East 720900 1100 and 1140 am 210320 410 1000 and 1120 pm On Sunday 900 1140 a 210 820 410 1000 and 11 Limited Express of Pullman Parlor Cars 940 a daily except Sunday and 4 dally with Dining Car OR PHILADELPHIA ONLY ast Extress 8 10 a week days and 810 daily Accom 600 daily or Boston without change 320 every day or Brooklyn all through train! connect at Jersey City with boats of Brook lyn Annex affoTdfngdfrect transfer to ulton street avoiding double ferriage across New York city or Atlantic City 1140 a week days 1120 pm dally or Baltimore 685 720 810 9009 40 1050 1100 and 1140 a 1205 210 8 20 8J0 400410 420 440 600 740 810 1000 and 1120 pm On Sunday 900 905 10501140 am 2 10 8 JO 880 400 410 600 740 810 1000 and HJOp or Creek Line 7J0 a and 440 daily except Sunday ob Annapolis 720 9 a 1206 and 420 daily except Bunday Bundays 906 a ALEXANDRIA AND REDERICKSBURG RAILWAY AND ALEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON RAILWAY IN EECT NOVEMBEB 18 1889 or Alexandria 480 685 745840 945 10W a tff 1204 noon 205 415 425 455 601 802 1005 and 1187 pm On Sunday at 480 745 9 45 10 57 a 280 415 601 802 and 1005 pm Accommodation for Quantico 745 am and 455 week davs 745 a Sundays or PicHMONDand the South 480 1057 a daPy and 415 daily Accommoda tion 456 week days Trianb leave Alexandria for Washington 6057 0580091010151107 am 120800 510 610 705 920 1082 1042 and 1106 On Sunday at 910 and 1107 a 200 510 6 10 705 920 10 82 and 1042 Tickets and information at the office north east corner of 13th street and Pennsylvania avenue and at the station where orders can be left for the checking of baggage to desti nation from hotels and residences CHAS PUGH WOOD General Manager Gen Pass Agent Baltimore Ohio Railroad Schedule In effect Deo 29 1889 Leave Washington from Station comer of New Jersey avenue and street or Chicago and Northwest Vestlbuled Limited express daily 1120 a express 930 or Cincinnati 8t Louis and Indianapo lis express daily 8:10 and 11:30 or Pittsburg and Cleveland Vestlbuled Limited express daily 11:20 a and express 8:40 or Lexington and Local Stations 11030 am or Winchester and Way Stations t580 or Luray 8:40 or Baltimore week days 400 5 00 640 720 8309 20 945 (1100 1200 45 minutes) a 1210 2 CO 2 30 (45 minutes) 315(45 min Utes) 825 425430435 530620710745 900 1030 and 1130 Sundays 400 720 880 920 945 a 1200 (45 minutes) 115 200 230 (45 minutes) 825 425435 620710 745900 1030 and 1180 pm or Way Stations between Washington and Baltimore 5 00 640 880 a 12 10 3 25t 435 620 1180 pm Sundays 830a 115 1 3 254 35 62011 30 pm 1 Trains leave Baltimore for Washington week days 510 620 680 790 745 800 880 915and 1015am: 1200 1215 150240300 440415 500 600 620 710 730 830835 1020 1025 and 11 Sundays 630 745 830 915 1015 a 1200 1250 150 210 415 5006 20740 730 880 885 1020 1025 and HOT or Annapolis 640 a 1210 4J5 On Sundays 830 a 485 Leave Au Dapdls 640 am 1205 850 Sundays 887 a 400 pm I or dtationbxjd ido jnerroponian urancn t6 45 S1030 a 110 pm for principal sta tions only tlO80 am 1480 and 1580 or Rockville ana way stations t485 or Gaithersburg and Intermediate points900 a tl 00 585 til85 or and intermediate stations t7O3 pm 1000 pm Church train leaves Washington on Sun day at 110 pm stopping at all stations on Metropolitan Branch ob rederick 1645 tllJO a 1310 1430 Sundays 110 or Hagerstown 11120 a and 1580 Trains arrive from Chicago daily 1145 a and 405 from Cincinnati and St Louis daily 345 a and 150 pm from Pittsburg 710 a 650 daily NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA DI VISION or New York Trenton Newark and Elizabeth 400 t800 920 ISOO a m230 420 and 1080 Buffet Parlor Cars on all day trains Sleeping Car on the 1080 open at 900 or Philadelphia Newark Wilmington and Chester 4 60 1800 9 20 1200 a m230 420 710 and 1080 pm ob intermediate points between Balti more and Philadelphia 1500 and 7J0 am1200 t845 Trains leave New York for Washington880 Hl 00 a 200 320 500 and1215 night Trains leave Philadelphia for Washington440 815 1110 am 1135 440 605 740 or Atlantic City 400 a and 1200 Sundays 400 a ana 1200 noon tExcept Sunday Dally Sunday only Baggage called for and checked from ho tels and residences by Union Transferee on orders left at ticket offices 610 aud 1351 Pa ave and at Depot ODELL CHAS SCULL Gen Manager Gen Pass Chesapeake and Ohio Route Schedule in effect January 20 1800 Trains leave Union Depot Sixth and streets a for Newport News Old Point Comfort and Norfolk daily Arrrlve in Old Point at and Norfolk at 6:40 11:24 a Cincinnati Express daily for stations in irginia WestVirainia Kentucky and Cincinnati Vestibule sleepers through without change to Cincinnati arriving a 9:40 Vestibule Special daily solid trains with dining cars run through without change to Cincinnati Vestibule Sleeper for Lexington and Louisville Office 513 Pennsylvania avenue 11 ULLER Gen Pass Aggnt ft Injure the People Go Without the Neoeaarlea ot Lite to Buy Some of the Names Given It Tho estimation in which the Louisi ana Lottery is held by representative 1 business men in Washington is shown in the interviews printed below These show that the great majority ot those I holding positive views on the subject I are opposed to the lottenT and recog 1 nizo the fact that it affects business 1 injuriously by carrying away large sums of money that should be speaa here Very few are willing to express approval of it William I have no means of knowing much about the amount of money that is sent out of i town for lottery tickets but I am op i posed to gambling in any form and think the laws against it should be en forced I have reason to believe that verv many people here dabble in Louisiana Lottery tickets but I doubt whether enough money is spent in that way to affect business very much IANBBunon Bko The Louisiana 1 Lottery is a great fizzle Probably I there are few in our employ who do not i invest in it and they are just throwing their money away for they never get a i cent of it back The thing is simply a public nuisance Geoboe The lottery isvery injurious to general business in my opinion for the immense amount of money spent upon it in Washington is io much thrown away Ashman I really think more money comes in from the lottery than goes out toward it They ask anybody to play and it is better to in vest a dollar in a lottery ticket than for whisky A Strabbuboer The trouble is that the lottery catches the poorest classes who very often I believe go without the necessaries of life in order to purchase the tickets It has a de moralizing effect generally and Thb Crane deserves credit for the manner in which it is fighting it Louis I am opposed to lotteries on general principles The Louisiana swindle takes a great deal of money out of town and very little of it gets back It is therefore a bad thing for business Mb I know much about the effect of the lottery on general business but I do know that it is an infamous concern and The Critic deserves great credit for the stand it has taken on this subject There is scarcely a store in town where lottery tickets are not bought and they might as well be thrown Into the fire I am glad to lx giveu this opportunity of placing myself on record as opposed to this gigantic fraud Percy Lottery is a vice in the sense that it upsets the cqutli lirium and steady going habits of the masses Every person who purchases a lottery ticket is not only throwing his or her money away in a hopeless effort to gain riches but far worse in help ing to bring up a nation of gamblersYouths sce their elders indulging in such 'practice and hear a rumor of I some one drawing a prize from a lottery (which rumor ninety nine chances out of one hundred is either false entirely or greatly exaggerated) and rush with their little savings oftentimes their last cent to buy a lottery ticket Thou sands of dollars is monthly sent from this city for such schemes and little or none returns Lotteries never made a community rich and never will I commend the course of The Clime and trust I may see lottery concerns shut up their doors for want of patronage A I don't know very much about the effect on busi ness but judging from what I see in the papers about the drawings I should say that Washington gives the concern a great deal of money and it is pcr haps an injury to legitimate business lhave no doubt that it is what influ ences so many of the people in this town to try to live without paying their bills All gambling schemes must of course have a more or less demoral izing effect John I have always understood that lotteries are a bad thing for the whole country No lottery or fair for lottery purposes is allowed in thia District but it is surprising the amount of money that is sent out of this city to lotteries I think they are worse than a circus for that It has a strong tendency to injure business and takes money principally out of the pockets of poor people who cannot af ford to lose it Almost no money at all comes back to represent the large amount drawn from circulation here I think if they can banish the sale of lottery tickets from the District it will be a good thing Lotteries are a great damage to the poorer classes I think that money enough goes out of the city monthly to injure the volume of business but the injury to morals is greater I think the Idttcry business does as much damage as the whisky business I doubt if they will bo able to gel rid of it I think the business has already become too large for Congress to handle Henderson I most cm phatically think that the sale of lottery tickets is detrimental to the business of any city or town more especially so in city as we are so largely depend ent on the Department salary and he has so much time on his hands as a rule that he is more apt to try the chances of speculation than the labor ing man who is the mainstay of busi ness in other cities I favor any mca 6 sure before Congress looking to its abolition I think lotteries arc a bad thing They take too much money away from the District I think the sale of them in Washington should be stopped A There is no doubt that lotteries are a bd thing for Wash i ington They take a great deal of money out pf the city It would be better for the city and the people if the sale of lottery tickets could be stopped in the District Benjamin I think lotteries one of the greatest source of gambling the District of Columbia They ought to be stopped someway At least fljUVW goes out or uere every mourn for lottery tickets and only about $1000 ot it comes back Goldschmidt The Louisiana Blate Lottery is an institution to which I am thoroughly opposed It has cost me a great deal of money Now imagine that I mean 1 have spent this money in it What I mean is that 1 have been unable to collect debtsowing me Itccauso the people I trusted wasted their substance in playing lot tery I have it in black and white from a man who owes me a largo amount of rent that the reason he is unable to pay is through his investments in this in famous concern It ought certainly to be abolished and The Critic deserves rrrnat credit for the nianner in which it is showing it up I would not be much opposed to it if it were conducted Id the same manner as lotteries in Europe 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vertising purposes I lived for some time in New Orleans and thoroughly understand the working of the scheme It is a fraud from beginning to end James Topham The evil is a very demoralizing one and ought to be suppressed It is downright robbery and those who invest their dollars do not get more than one in a thousand back Bryan Jr Every dollar that goes out of the city for lottery tickets is lost to the business of the place Some men will put their last dollar in lottery tickets and go without bread to do so inancially It is in jurious to the business of the city Thousands of dollars go out of it and only small sums come tn II I thing about the Louisiana never bought a ticket in it nor did I ever come across who had won a prize In it Moses You can put me down as condemning the thing and in the strongest possible terms Any man who could be found selling a lottery ticket should be promptly sent to the penitentiary and every man who is fool enough to buy one should be sent to keep him company As a man who has taken chances all his life and has given the question some study I say that the chances arc ninety nine to one against you in the Louisiana State fraud Woodward Of course the Louisiana Lottery is injurious to busi ness owing to the large amount of money it takes out of town but what is more important it is injuri ous from eveiy other point of view It has a demoralizing effect on the minds of the people as must every institution that flourishes against the law and more especially when it happens to be a gambling concern AI unhesitatingly put myself on record as in favor of its abolition II Hoeke Of course it must bo an injury to business I have never given much' thought to the matter but I am told that at least $30000 a month goes out of this city for lottery tickets Of course there is nothing worth men tioning received in return and I think there can be but one opinion as to the injurious effect of such a onesided system of business Metzerott I am opposed to lotteries above every form of gam bling People will persist in taking chances in some form or other but lot teries have a more demoralizing effect on business and everything else than horse racing or betting of any kind I was pleased to see The Critic refuse the Louisiana advertisem*nt The only effective way to put the con corn down is to prevent it from adver tising and I hope to see other papers compelled by law to follow The example I lived for seven years abroad In a country where every body invests in lotteries and had a very good opportunity to see the evil effects of such concerns No good ever comes of these and they only cause ruin misery and poverty They are a severe tax on the poorer class of people and much injury must be done to Wash ington by such a large amount of money going out for lottery tickets and such a small amount coming back Isidor Saks The natural inference is that the large amount which I am told goes out of the city for Louisiana Lottery tickets every month must have a bad effect upon business I have however never given the matter much thought and cannot speak with author ity upon it Where so much goes out of the city and so little returns as is the case with Louisiana Lot tery dealings there must certainly be an'evil effect on the general business of the city although this may not per haps be perceptible I believe in any form of gambling and 1 certainly think it infamous that it should be permitted to be carried on openly as is the case with tho Louisiana Lottery It certainly has a very injurious effect upon busi ness not only directly through the loss of the money taken out of the District by it but indirectly owing to the man ner in which it leads people into un businesslike habits and its general dc 1 moralizing effects William A Lotteries on courage persons to foolishly spend money that they would put to a bettei use I think the sale of tickets in the District should be abolished There is a large amount of money taken out ot this city every month Poor persons are tempted by the offer of large prizes 1 to spend money they need very badly for their livelihood mere is very lit tle of it comes back Sargent I look upon lotteries as a game of heads I win tails you lose They are taking the bread out of a great many poor mouths in this city Ttfiink that any legislation which will break up the sale of tickets here will be wise and wholesome I think lotteries are like they take money out of a city without any return They are bad for the business interests of any city There is just so much moucy circulating and when it is withdrawn to some other place and docs not return it hurts our best interests Money to loan on good security TITLE CO 470 La ave Money IN ALL SUMS TO LOAN ON BEAL ESTATE SECURITY AT IS AND 6 PEB CENT PARKER 1418 at collar Jehovah's Last Meswenge to the Jews Now in Louisville A dispatch from Louisville to the St Louis Globe Democrat says that a man whose name ia unknown is going about the city claiming to be the second Adam He wanders from place to place and announces that be has a rev elation direct from the Messiah Who he is and how he supports himself no one knows This morning he made a round of all the newspaper offices He was about sixty years oid shabbily dressed short of stature and wearing sandy colored hair and beard which was thin and unkempt Tho old man approached a reporter and said: "I have an important announcement and I beg of you to publish it for the good of the Israelites I am commis sioned of Jehovah to warn my people the Jews to return to the Holy did you have a conference with the was asked "This morning just half an hour ago as I was walking along the street the Great Jehovah whispered into my ear just as plainly as I am talking to you my people to return to Pal estine without "How often does Jehovah communi cate with you and in what "Oh every day Sometimes he speaks to me face to face and again he comes to me in dreams I have been his agent now for six years and I am going from place to place attending to this "Where is your "My home' in Heaven I am theccond Adam I am not now in the flesh I died a hundred years ago When I was born in the flesh it wa Christiana in Scandinavia I lived the life of a sailor for many years died and went to Heaven and God im mediately gave me this work to out where do you eat and cat at all and I return to my mansion in Heaven every night You know it takes me just one tenth of a second to reach home from any part of the "How do you travel from' place to place while yoi are on the "Why I just go through the air I staid in Chicago last night and came from there here this morning in the twinkling of an eye Yesterday at noon I was in New York and at 2 yesterday afternoon I was in difference in time you see I expect to go to Jerusalem to day Why I frequently go round the world several times in an hour I have to do is just to intimate to Jehovah that I wish to go to a cer tain part of his footstool and immedi ately I am there Oh it beats that fa mous ring you've read about in the docs the Almighty desire the Jews to return to "Well I know but I am not allowed to tell Now please print the warning for the good of my Methodist Missionary Work Three Methoaist Sunday School Mis sionary Societies celebrated their anni versaries last evening The Ryland Chapel Society was addressed by Mrs McKendrie Reiley and Rev Dr Baldwin The reports ot the society of the Union school on Twentieth slrcct showed a most flattering condi tion of affairs both as to finances and as to work accomplished Representa tive Stuart addressed the society of Waugh Chapel Sunday school Quality tells ami the quality ot Old Saul's Catarrh Cure the best remedy tor catarrh and influenza is shown In the tact that myriads of boxes have'bcen sold in a short time 25 cents Af Li JV P4! 'a' I pj itton Tnkits EEBBONAL Advertisem*nts under this head four lines or less Scents for one insertions: 50 cents for three Banjo thoroughly taught 12 com plete tunes and accompaniments in one quarter $6 McCaULEY MOO RE 1745 st 717 21st st NOW IS THE TIME WE WILL PAY for flrst olass sec ond hand clothing Address or call at OLD bTAND 619 st OE MISCELLANEOUS Advertisem*nts under this head four lines or less 25 cents for one insertion 50 cents for three HAVE A LOT OLD ANTIQUE CHINA old brass candlesticks and old furniture two grandfather clocks and a lot of wall paner can be sold in lots to suit the people at any price Inquire at 1723 Pa ave fei46t OR BALE INE COUNTER and shelving now In No 712 7th st must be sold at once Apply 6221 stnw T70R SPECIAL STAR 51 INCH silent rochet I nickel absolutely per feet condition Address or apply 223 A st 8 2w p0R RENT i7flRIavenwl7rs $200 00 1C11 Conn ave 15 rs 200 00 1413 Nass ave 17 rs and stable 200 00 1411Kstnw 13 rs 800 00 lC22Vtavenw 16 rs 200 00 170 UU 125 00 125 00 125 00 100 00 100 00 100 co 75 00 70 00 60 00 60 00 60 00 50 00 50 00 50 00 50 00 48 50 40 00 40 00 40 00 35 00 83 83 30 00 OB LOTS 17TH and 18ih price $260 per foot terms easy JOS REDERN 4 SON 622 14th st 1 SOUTH BROOKLAND With City Streets Avenues and Circles OR We have about 100 Lots 50x150 feet each left in that beautiful subdivision known as South Brookland which is in con formity with the plan of the city having streets 90 feet and avenues 130 feet wide This subdivision Is south of and adjoining Brookland convenient to the Metropolitan Branch Railroad and Electric cars near the University and Home The lots now left will bd sold at the low price of from 4 to 10 cents per foot on easy terms or plats and further information apply to WM DENISON 923 st or to RED ORD WALKER 1007 st jangldASlmo PSTALLMENT WE ARE Au thorized by the United Security Life In surance and Trust Company of Philadelphia to advance money on improved property in Washington up to 75 per cent of actual mar ket value with or without life insurance Loans payable In monthly or quarterly In staliments running 5 10 15 or 20 years In many instances the payments are leas than tbe'rental of a house SMITH 4 SON 1222 st Money to loan In sums to suit On Approved Real Estate Security WARNER A CO 018 ri OR BALE RAME HOUSE 906 IN 25 foot alley bet 9th and 10th and and sts 7 rooms: hall on both floors closets fronting the Potomac 15 per cent invest ment lot 34 feet front by 62 deep 49 feet from 9th st Apply within OR THREE THff CHEAPEST houses in Washington 106 108 and 110 11 th st two story and basem*nt brown stone trimmings 7 rooms and bath electric bells and gas: price $3500 each $500 cash balance to suit or trade for good lots I70R OR BEAUTIUL COR ner house 7 rooms handsomely pa pered: 1000 North Carolina ave Worth $5 600 will sell at a sacrifice or rent low OWNER Room 20 810 st OB HOUSES Advertisem*nts under this head four lines or less 25 cents for one insertion 50 cents for three JjlOR RENT 22d and Pa ave Sirs 1737 st 12rs 915 stnw 16rs 614 17th stnw 10ra 1921 23 stnw 10rs 208 1st st 17 rs i 1185 9th st 15rs 210 1st st 17rs 1011 ave 10rs 138Bstne9rs 221 8d stnw lOrs 1908 stn Mrs 131 Md ave lira 1708 st 12ra lOCSNHaven 9rs 422 8d stn 9rs 1012 22d stnwa 18 stnw Mrs 1625 Corcoran st 9rs 621 st 10rs 1935 15th st 8rs 1405 81st st lOrs 8327Patl2ra 220 1st st lOrs 216 st 13rs 2d andGatsn e8rs 1317 22d st 8ra 3251 Spruce st lOrs 431 Qstn 6rs 931 rench st 7rs 2081 9th st 8rs 414 1st stnw 9rs 1828 1th st w6rs 2040 7th St 9rs 2820 st 8rs 2422 st 7rs 1208 st 7rs 1108 10th stn 6rs 622 stn 615 ave 6rs 649 2d st zi 7rs 1125 NJ ave 7rs 1342Wst6r8 459 Ost 5rs 1027 Cap st 6rs 121529th w8rs Hyattsville 6rs 301Qnw8rs 624 st 5(9 0 stn 4rs 283 Mass ave 6rs 114 st 5ra 2285 Cleveland 6rs 2241 Cleveland ave firs 418 Warner st firs Hstnw 4rs Temperance ave 5rs 1120 5th etn e6rs 2431 st 4rs 2119 Pst 3rs 63 enton place firs 5 Columbia ave 4rs 118 Mat se 12 alley 4rs 2512 15th st 4 rs 1309 3d 8 4ra 1731 ave 6rs 1 1 Rumsey alley 1918 Temperance ave 4rs 1640 st 2rs STORES 20437th stnw 912 2Ht st These tiny Capsules arrest in In which I Cents Bough! It Decl.

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