The Best Gory Games on Roblox (2024)

Roblox has over 40 million independent games on its platform, spanning every genre possible. With all these titles, some players have an appetite for gratuitous violence and bloody portrayals, and some are just looking for better payoffs when playing a combat-based game. In this guide, we’ll look at the Top 10 Best Gore games available on Roblox, and readers with weak stomachs might want to look away. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Broken Bones IVBleeding BladesCombat WarriorsZo SamuraiNeighborhood WarMortem MetallumBloody BattleGladiators 2Bloody RagdollsGhouls: Bloody Nights

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Broken Bones IV

Starting with a fun installment,Broken Bones IVis the fourth game in the Broken Bone franchise, where the never-ending quest of the game is to break every bone in your body. In this game, the player performs insane stunts and actions to ensure that every bone in your body is broken. Ouch!

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For example, in one of the maps, players somersault off the top of an icy and stony mountain and try to hit every edge and a sharp rock on their way down. Brain Damage, Broken Bones, and Internal injuries are shown in an infographic on the left side of the screen. The current speed and remaining distance statistics are also visible below the infographic.

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Players execute intricate moves to maximize the broken bones and injuries sustained. As the player progresses, they can find better and more dangerous places to launch themselves and vehicles that players can crash to boost their damage.

Some notable examples are driving yourself off a giant ramp for additional airtime and speed, jumping off a roof, and even skating off a huge mountain. There are many ways and methods to break your bones, so it’s time to get inventive.

Bleeding Blades

A slasher game,Bleeding Bladesis a bloody and gory affair where the player dons a breastplate and swords to reenact famous ancient battles. The game’s timeline is set between Antiquity and Medieval times but smartly excludes gunpowder-based weaponry.

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Players can either play in the first person when playing Solo or switch to a third-person’s POV in multiplayer mode. The game is gory and gruesome as the player slashes swords and bashes heads in. The sight of blood is common; players often find themselves completely drenched in blood. Players in Bleeding Blades reenact famous battles such as the Battle of Thermopylae, the Siege of Orleans, and the Milvian Bridge in this game.

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Bleeding Blades asks players to fight off against Spartans, Knights, and even random NPCs in the forest, cutting open any opponent who dares stand in their way. Flailing limbs and pools of blood quickly collect up during battle, and the player has to play strategically to not end up in either.

Combat Warriors

Another graphic and bloody addition to this list,Combat Warriors, goes hard as players compete in the ultimate death match. Players must customize their melee and ranged weapons while picking out the kit. The game’s objective is simple: fight, and the winner will be the last man/team standing.

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Combat Warriors is an extremely gory and visually arresting combat-based game. It’s common for the victors to be completely coated in blood. The game features a grisly aspect where there’s a constant dripping of blood whenever a player is hurt. Adding guns and melee weapons to your kit is recommended, as when you run out of ammunition, the melee weapon is your best chance of surviving.

Players can choose to be in a team, having the advantage of their blind side covered. Alternatively, players can go full Lone Wolf or Solo, manage a corner of the map, and slowly expand their territory.

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In the initial stages of the match, the primary objective is to survive as long as possible or till the weaker players are eliminated. The latter stages of the round are much more difficult as these require lightning-fast reflexes and how skilful the player is with their weapon and attacks. It’s an extremely bloody affair with blood puddles visible across the map, and the combat leaves nothing to the imagination.

Zo Samurai

Another combat-based game,Zo Samurai, is an epic samurai fighting game where players face opponents through intense PvP combat. Zo Samurai refers to the Ronin Samurai, a class of samurai that have no master or house to serve, but they still retain their Katana and skills with the blade.

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In this game, these Ronin are called wandering swordsmen or adventurers who explore the gritty and bloody world and secrets of Zo Samurai. Players go head-to-head with other players and NPCs in combat. The game boasts an intricate combat system with tight timings and close guards. A well-timed strike can cut off your opponent’s limbs, while a bad judgment call could see you dying without any honour.

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Players are soaked fully in blood after defeating 3-4 opponents in a row, and this game is not for the faint-hearted. Seasoned players can one-hit kill enemies with a single blow. Players can collect the defeated players’ souls and NPCs and use them as currency to upgrade their skills or blades. Lastly, legendary swords and loot are scattered throughout this age-old mythical Japan.

Neighborhood War

Neighborhood Waris a team-based game that transforms your average neighborhood into a bloody battlefield. Players are divided into two teams; Team Red and Blue. Each team starts in their house with a huge disadvantage; the small walls offer scant protection.

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To overcome this huge disadvantage, players must dig trenches, fortify their walls and stock up on ammunition to ward off the opposing team members. It’s a house versus house game where each team has to defend their house to the last remaining player. The game developers didn’t spare any graphic details, as blood spurting is a prevalent theme.

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The game has two modes; Team Deathmatch (TDM) and a Free-For-All (FFA). The FFA mode is the most chaotic, blood-hinged, and gory of the two, as the map quickly fills up with slashes and spots of fictional blood. Players can snipe enemies from afar and watch as a blood fountain springs from the hole in their heads. There’s even a rare Flamethrower hidden in the map, which, when used, can be an overpowered weapon, setting everyone ablaze.

Another similar combat-based game,Mortem Metallum,is a hit-and-slash game where players participate in a Free-For-All death match. Players try to run and chase, rip, and tear other players until no one is left alive.

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Mortem Metallum is an intense, grisly PvP combat game. Its developers made sure of the gory aspect by keeping an explicit focus on the usage of massive maiming weapons. These weapons include Swords, Spears, Chainsaws, and Maces, all utilized to keep the battle arena completely soaked in blood. These weapons deal considerable damage, but by maiming opponents, they ensure the blood flows, regardless of the victor.

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The winner is the player with the most kills by the end of the match. The match’s latter stages are a bit difficult to navigate because of all the limbs, dead bodies, and puddles of blood on the map. Ragdoll bodies are strewn across the map, and the game’s battlefield looks like the scene from a massacre. A word of caution, this game is not for the faint-hearted and players with an appetite for gratuitous violence.

Bloody Battle

Another gory addition to this list,Bloody Battleresembles a gun game rather than a Free-for-all Deathmatch. In this extremely graphic and gory game, players have to kill other players with a wide variety of weapons, rating from pots of boiling water to limb-breaking magical spells. That’s the only objective of the game. Players can choose from a large list of weapons to kill their enemy creatively each time.

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Players respawn with three random weapons; their fists are the fourth weapon. Downing an enemy isn’t akin to killing them in this game, as these players usually revive after a few seconds. This gory game has an interesting mechanic. Players must chop their limbs/heads off when unconscious to kill a player. Players can earn money by killing others and using it to upgrade their character’s armor and defenses.

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As everyone is against each other, securing a kill is difficult. As players have to execute the players to kill them effectively, this final act becomes gory and triggering for some players. This game includes copious amounts of blood, limb dismemberment and squishy sound effects, making it a game to avoid for the faint-hearted.

Gladiators 2

Situated in a Roman Colosseum,Gladiators 2delivers one of the more exciting gameplays on this list. Players are flung back to medieval times and have to roleplay as ruthless Gladiators. With endless waves of enemies spawning from all corners of the Colosseum, players must be constantly on the move, picking up weapons from downed enemies.

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Gladiators 2 introduces a combat system emphasizing brutality and blood, as every battle is a fight to the death. There are several game modes and detailed arenas to choose from. Players can pick up numerous melee and ranged weapons, unique shields, armor, consumable items and throwables to even the odds.

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As this game encourages graphic content, players should be careful not to trip over the numerous limbs and bodies strewn over the arena as they avoid deadly traps lurking around every corner. The combat system and the number of players emphasize savagery and brutality, making it the perfect game for players looking for blood, swords and epic battles. Prepare to drench the arenas with blood and rise to the top as the foremost Gladiator.

Bloody Ragdolls

Another Ragdoll-inspired addition, Bloody Ragdolls, haas one simple objective: Run around and kill anything that moves. The game includes Ragdoll physics and is shot from a first-person’s POV. The ragdoll physics makes it doubly fun, as most of the map focuses on high-rise buildings and small ledges.

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Bloody Ragdolls includes a plentiful amount of blood as various guns are available in the game. Each gun has unique projectile speeds and angles, maiming enemies and rag-dolling the target away. Players can go out there and paint the town red or sit back and watch as ragdolls go crazy on each other. The game’s newest update has introduced PvP (Player vs. Player) mode, making it an exciting and bloody game to play with your friends.

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The game stresses its ragdolls’ physics, hurtling players across the map at breakneck speeds, allowing players to execute shenanigans and moves on other players. Overall, it’s an exciting game to be played with friends and with many guns, players can simply run around, causing rampage ad chaos.

Ghouls: Bloody Nights

Adapted from the popular manga series,Ghouls: Bloody Nightsis a massive faction-based combat game. Players can choose either the CCG or the Ghouls. The CCG is armed with a weapon, allowing players to customize their attack speed and swing arcs to cause more damage. The Ghouls must don their masks and learn how to fight using their tails and claws.

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Based in Tokyo, in the nighttime, these two adversaries fight against each other for the complete obliteration of the other. Players must work as a team to prevent other sides from achieving their objectives. Players can claim bases for their respective factions and use them to attack or defend their organization from being annihilated.

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As the game pits these two sides against one another, there can only be one victor. Whether it’s the destruction of the ghouls or the consumption of all humans, it’s up to the player to make it a reality. Gather up your friends and defend or envelop the city of Tokyo in total darkness for the fight for the ages.

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That’s all from this guide. Remember, this list of games is not for the faint-hearted and includes gory depictions, blood puddles and various dismembered limbs. Thanks for reading this through. Adios!

The Best Gory Games on Roblox (2024)
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