Shea Body Butter Recipe for Dry Skin without Beeswax (Vegan Friendly) (2024)

How to make a shea body butter recipe for dry skin relief. This homemade body butter recipe without beeswax can be made with just 3-ingredients as a vegan friendly moisturizer for dry skin care.

Shea Body Butter Recipe for Dry Skin without Beeswax (Vegan Friendly) (1)

Making a homemade shea body butter recipe for dry skin is quick and easy. Not only is this shea body butter a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin relief, it’s also perfect for homemade gifts. Or, give this simple skin care recipe a try if you’re looking for crafts to make and sell for extra cash.

This shea body butter recipe for dry skin is a super hydrating body butter. Formulated for dry skin with just a few simple ingredients, this homemade body butter deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin to help restore the appearance of skin health. All you need is shea butter, cocoa butter and a carrier oil of your choice There’s no beeswax in this recipe, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a vegan friendly moisturizer for dry skin relief.

If you have skin sensitivities, you can easily make this shea body butter recipe naked with no fragrance. Alternately it can also be made with your favorite fragrance or essential oil to leave your skin lightly scented throughout the day. And it’s perfect for homemade gifts!

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When I used to make and sell products on Etsy and my local farmer’s market, this product was always a hit. It’s the perfect shea body butter recipe for your dry skin care routine. Or as an addition to your own natural skin care line of products for your small business.

Skin Care Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter has a number of natural skin care benefits that help to soothe and moisturize dry skin. A hydrating body butter, shea butter is is naturally rich in vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals that help to promote skin health. While commonly used as a natural moisturizer, shea butter is also often included in skin care formulations that target acne.

Shea butter comes in both refined and unrefined versions. I typically use refined shea butter, which has been deodorized, for skin care applications in which I want to add a fragrance, natural or otherwise.

Why is Shea Butter Grainy?

Shea butter is made up of several types of fatty acids. Each of those fatty acids has its own melting point, and therefore each one solidifies at a different temperature. When you heat shea butter and cool it, if it cools too slow, the fatty acids can separate. This is what causes shea butter to feel grainy. Grainy shea butter is perfectly fine to use, it will work just as well as before you melted it.

How Do I Fix Grainy Shea Butter?

If your shea butter for your homemade body butter recipes is grainy, you can take the following steps to fix grainy shea butter:

  • You can fix grainy shea butter by reheating it and letting it cool quicker. For best results, use a double boiler to melt your shea butter. A microwave can cause parts to get hotter than other parts. This can affect the cooling rate, which can cause graininess.
  • Once it’s melted, stir it will while it’s cooling. Since you’ll be heating the shea butter to melt it, adding oils and then whipping, this will definitely suffice for stirring.
  • It’s also recommended that you cool it quickly by placing it in a bowl of ice water or placing it in the freezer so it cools quickly.

Shea Body Butter Recipe for Dry Skin without Beeswax (Vegan Friendly) (3)

Shea Body Butter Recipe for Dry Skin

© Rebecca D. Dillon

This shea body butter recipe for dry skin yields approximately six 4 oz. containers or four 8 oz. containers.


24 oz. shea butter
2 oz. cocoa butter
1 oz.grapeseed oil(or other carrier oil)
1 oz. fragrance oil or 1/2 oz. essential oil of choice for scent (optional)

Shea Body Butter Recipe for Dry Skin without Beeswax (Vegan Friendly) (4)

How to Make Shea Body Butter:

You will need a digital scale to weigh out the ingredients for my shea body butter recipe. While I suggest using a double boiler to melt the ingredients, you can also use a microwave at reduced power.

Weigh out the shea butter and cocoa butter using a digital scale. Combine in a double boiler or heat safe container.

Gently melt the butters on stove over medium heat or in a microwave at 50% power, stirring occasionally.

Once melted, remove from heat.

Now weigh out the grapeseed oil, or other carrier oil of your choice.

Stir the oil into the melted shea and cocoa butters, mixing well.

Follow with the fragrance oil or essential oil next. Be sure to keep the percentage of your fragrance within skin safe usage rates. (You may need to adjust this for certain fragrances or essential oils.)

Simply weigh out the chosen fragrance, if desired, and mix into the shea body butter mixture.

Once the fragrance has been thoroughly combined into the shea body butter, slowly pour the body butter sanitized containers of your choice.

Allow to cool completely, then screw on the lids. Store your shea body butter for dry skin in cool, dry location.

Label as desired for gifting.

Tips for Making a Shea Body Butter Recipe:

To expedite the cooling process when making my shea body butter recipe, you may place the body butter in the refrigerator for several hours once you pour into the containers.

Have leftover ingredients after making my shea body butter recipe for dry skin? You can use the same ingredients you used to make this natural skin care recipe to also make your own vegan lip balm recipe! Simply swap out the carrier oil used to make this body butter for the one called for in the lip balm recipe.

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Ways to Use Shea Body Butter for Dry Skin & Hair

There are a number of ways to use my shea body butter recipe as part of your natural skin care routine. It can be used both for dry skin as well as for dry hair.

To use this shea body butter for dry skin relief, simply apply and massage into skin, the same way you would when applying a body lotion or cream.

This shea body butter recipe is great for dry feet and hands too! Generously massage the body butter into skin, then put on socks or gloves overnight.

Alternately, you can also use this body butter as an under eye overnight cream to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dry or damaged hair? Use this shea body butter as a deep, penetrating hair mask for dry hair or split ends.

More Vegan Friendly Moisturizers without Beeswax

If you like my shea body butter recipe for dry skin, then be sure to check out my rose body butter recipe without beeswax as another vegan friendly alternative. I also have a great lemon creme whipped body butter recipe that’s made using a vegetable based emulsifying wax, that stands up to heat better than basic whipped body butter recipes. In addition, I also share tips for hydrating dry skin.

If solid lotion bars are more your jam, then be sure to check out my vegan solid lotion bar recipe without beeswax. This soothing moisturizer for dry skin is made using plantain infused olive oil, soothing oat butter and candelilla wax.

For more natural skin care recipes for dry skin, be sure to follow Soap Deli News via Blog Lovin‘,Facebook,Twitter,PinterestandInstagram.

Shea Body Butter Recipe for Dry Skin without Beeswax (Vegan Friendly) (2024)
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