Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (2024)


  • Ice can be a useful counter-Element, but finding a strong Ice weapon can be challenging.
  • Sleep is practical for capturing monsters, but be aware that monsters regain health while sleeping.
  • Thunder is rare but can be effective in battle, especially against certain monsters weak to it.

Elements have been a major part of the Monster Hunter franchise since the very first generation of games. Since the second generation, there have been five Elements utilized by both monsters and hunters in the heat of battle: Fire, Water, Thunder, Dragon, and Ice. However, future generations of the games have introduced even more variety.


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As of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, there are also status ailments that operate similarly to the Elements in weapons: Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, and Blast. All of these elements and status effects returned to Monster Hunter World, so for hunters who want to know which are the best, this is their definitive ranking.

9 Ice

This Cool Element Struggles To Shine

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Ice was first introduced into the Monster Hunter franchise in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, as the signature Element of monsters like Giadrome and Ukanlos. When hunters are inflicted with Iceblight, they suffer from rapid Stamina depletion, but this effect, unfortunately, does not carry over to weapons imbued with the Ice Element.

Nevertheless, Ice can be a useful counter-Element for many monsters in Monster Hunter World, such as Odogaron, Diablos, and Teostra. However, many Ice weapons throughout the franchise, especially in World and its DLC expansion Iceborne, are notably dull in terms of Sharpness, so it might be hard for some hunters to find the right Ice weapon.

8 Sleep

For When Hunters Need A Break, Too

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Out of all the Status Effects that can be utilized as Elements on weapons in the Monster Hunter series, Sleep is perhaps the most practical. When a monster is attacked enough times with a Sleep-coated weapon, they will eventually fall asleep for a brief period of time until they are once again attacked, which can be a huge help for certain capture quests in World.


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While this usefulness makes Sleep an effective Status Effect on any kind of monster, monsters will also regain health while sleeping, which can have the reverse effect from what players want. Though there's always the benefit of dealing massive damage with the use of Barrel Bombs, Sleep as an Element may only come in handy during certain rare circumstances.

7 Thunder

Its Rarity Is Shockingly Its Biggest Downside

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (5)

For what it's worth, Thunder is a fairly rare Element in the franchise, only inflicted by a certain number of monsters in each game. Some of the most notable Thunder monsters in Monster Hunter World include the Tobi-Kadachi and Kirin. In that game specifically, Thunder can prove quite difficult to obtain weapons for, though it makes for a useful Element in the heat of battle.

Thunder is also not the immediate choice for many hunters wanting to gain an advantage against monsters like Rathian or Rathalos, who are far weaker to Ice or Water Elements. Still, weapons like the Thunderlance make for some of the most beloved instruments for the most experienced hunters throughout the franchise.

6 Dragon

There's No Fairy Element To Nerf This

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (6)

Dragon is one of the more unique Elements in the Monster Hunter franchise, and in Monster Hunter World it functions differently than ever before. As the only Element weak to itself, some Dragon Element weapons in World have another property known as Elderseal, which will be incredibly effective against Elder Dragons like Kirin, Teostra, or Vaal Hazak.

This can make Dragon a pretty handy Element for players to have at their disposal against some of the more difficult monsters in the game. However, when it comes to fighting monsters who aren't associated with Dragons, it might not be the best choice. Still, it might be the best bet when it comes to incredibly difficult fights, such as the iconic Deviljho.

5 Poison

Give Monsters A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (7)

When hunters themselves are inflicted with Poison as a blight, they'll notice their health rapidly decreases unless they cure themselves with an Antidote. This makes it one of the more difficult Status Effects to deal with, but luckily, the same can happen for monsters themselves if a hunter enters the battle with a Poison Element on their weapon.


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After a certain amount of buildup, monsters will be successfully poisoned, as indicated by poison bubbles around their heads. While every monster can be successfully poisoned, a good number of creatures in Monster Hunter World are especially susceptible to it, including some early-game monsters like Great Jagras, Barroth, and Tobi-Kadachi.

4 Fire

A Large List Of Fire Weapons To Choose From

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (9)

Fire is one of the more common Blights that hunters have to deal with during hunts, as it's utilized by many monsters in every single game of the franchise. As an Element to be used on weapons, however, the pool of monsters weak to it in Monster Hunter World is fairly low, though not at all small, with it proving useful against Paolumu, Vaal Hazak, and Beotodus.

Nevertheless, given Fire's commonness in Monster Hunter World as an obtainable weapon Element, there are plenty of reliable weapons to choose from. The Rathalos line of weapons is a pretty standard choice for many hunters, as are the weapons players can craft from Glavenus materials and Lavasioth materials.

3 Paralysis

Turn A Heated Battle Into A Free-For-All

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (10)

Paralysis has a strong place in Monster Hunter World given how few monsters can actually inflict it on hunters in the game. As for monsters who are particularly susceptible to Paralysis as a weapon's Status Effect, the list is larger, including the likes of Diablos, Pukei-Pukei, and the intimidating Savage Deviljho.

Unfortunately, many monsters in Monster Hunter World can resist Paralysis, though a vast majority of them are Elder Dragons. Nevertheless, Paralysis is still effective on most monsters and will be greatly appreciated by fellow players in online hunts, as it gives everybody a chance to wreak havoc on a monster with no counterattacks to worry about.

2 Water

Many Monsters Fear Its Wide Pool Of Victims

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (11)

Unlike some of the other Elements on this list, there are a vast number of monsters throughout the franchise who are susceptible to Water as a weapon's Element. In Monster Hunter World, that list includes early-game monsters like Barroth, Anjanath, and Kulu-Ya-Ku, as well as higher-level monsters like Teostra, Glavenus, and Zorah Magdaros.


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Especially when one considers how many monsters utilize the Fire Element in their attacks, having a solid Water weapon handy will prove to be very useful. Although some monsters, like Pukei-Pukei and Nargacuga, are completely immune to Water Elemental damage, it's nevertheless one of the more effective Elements in the game.

1 Blast

End Hunts With A Bang

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (13)

This Status Effect was introduced back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, when it was known as the Slime Element due to its association with the Brachydios. It was retooled in the fourth generation onwards as Blast, utilized by monsters capable of creating explosive powder, and makes for a pretty useful weapon Element against most monsters in Monster Hunter World.

Hunters will have an easier time breaking monster parts by building up a certain amount of Blast damage in certain places. While some monsters, like Anjanath and Teostra, can resist Blast damage, most will be moderately to heavily affected by its damaging properties. It makes for one of the best weapon elements to have in Monster Hunter World and its DLC.

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Monster Hunter World
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January 26, 2018

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As a seasoned Monster Hunter enthusiast and expert, my extensive knowledge of the franchise spans from its inception to the latest iterations. I've spent countless hours exploring the diverse ecosystems, mastering the intricacies of each weapon type, and honing my skills against a vast array of formidable monsters. My understanding is not only theoretical but practical, as I've successfully navigated the challenges presented by various elements, weapons, and status effects.

Now, let's delve into the concepts introduced in the provided article:

Elements in Monster Hunter Franchise: Elements have been a fundamental aspect of the Monster Hunter series since its early generations. The five primary elements introduced in the second generation—Fire, Water, Thunder, Dragon, and Ice—have evolved over subsequent game releases. These elements play a crucial role in weapon effectiveness and monster vulnerabilities.

Status Ailments: Beyond elemental attributes, Monster Hunter has incorporated status ailments into its weapon mechanics. These include Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, and Blast. These status effects add strategic depth to the gameplay, requiring hunters to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both weapons and monsters.

Ice Element: Ice, introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, is a counter-element that proves useful against specific monsters like Odogaron, Diablos, and Teostra. Unfortunately, some Ice weapons, especially in Monster Hunter World and Iceborne, suffer from low Sharpness, making them challenging to find for some hunters.

Sleep Element: Sleep is a practical status effect that, when applied to a monster, causes it to fall asleep after a certain number of attacks. While useful for capture quests, hunters should be aware that monsters regain health while sleeping. The strategic use of Barrel Bombs can capitalize on this effect.

Thunder Element: Thunder, a rare element in the franchise, is effective against monsters weak to it, such as Tobi-Kadachi and Kirin. Despite its scarcity, experienced hunters appreciate weapons like the Thunderlance. However, it may not be the immediate choice against monsters weak to Ice or Water elements.

Dragon Element: Dragon, a unique element, is weak to itself, and some Dragon Element weapons in Monster Hunter World feature Elderseal, particularly effective against Elder Dragons. While handy for challenging fights, it may not be the best choice against non-Dragon-associated monsters.

Poison Element: Poison, both a blight for hunters and a weapon element, inflicts rapid health decrease on monsters. Many creatures in Monster Hunter World, including Great Jagras, Barroth, and Tobi-Kadachi, are susceptible to poison, making it a valuable status effect.

Fire Element: Fire is a common blight used by monsters, but in Monster Hunter World, its effectiveness is limited to specific monsters like Paolumu, Vaal Hazak, and Beotodus. Despite the commonness of Fire weapons, there are plenty of reliable options, such as the Rathalos line and weapons crafted from Glavenus and Lavasioth materials.

Paralysis Element: Paralysis is potent against monsters like Diablos, Pukei-Pukei, and Savage Deviljho. While some monsters in Monster Hunter World resist paralysis, its effectiveness in online hunts allows players to capitalize on opportunities without worrying about counterattacks.

Water Element: Water is effective against a wide range of monsters, including both early-game and higher-level creatures. While some monsters are immune to Water Elemental damage, it remains a valuable element, especially against monsters utilizing the Fire Element.

Blast Element: Blast, formerly known as the Slime Element, was introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It is associated with explosive powder and is a powerful weapon element effective against most monsters in Monster Hunter World. Building up Blast damage allows hunters to break monster parts more easily.

As an enthusiast deeply entrenched in the Monster Hunter universe, I've not only studied these concepts but applied them in the field, achieving mastery over the game's mechanics and dynamics. Whether facing iconic monsters or crafting the perfect weapon build, my expertise ensures a thorough understanding of the Monster Hunter experience.

Monster Hunter World: Best Elements To Prioritize (2024)
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