Monster Hunter: World - All 14 Weapons and How to Use Them (2023)

Monster Hunter: World marks a return to PlayStation for Capcom's addictive franchise, after releasing almost exclusively on Nintendo platforms for a near decade. Boy, has it made its presence known.

Not only does it use the full grunt of the PS4 (and Pro) to create the most visually impressive Monster Hunter to date, it also introduces an open world for the first time ever. That's right – once you've left the city you also leave loading screens behind.

There are new ways to traverse that world, more hunting options at your disposal, and oodles of epic monsters to slay. What isn't new though, are the weapon options. All 14 of them return from Monster Hunter Generations.

Ahead of next week's release, we're going to go through each and every one of them to help you prepare for your adventure. Happy hunting!

Great Sword

The Great Sword deals insane damage but attacks slowly, and you'll move slower while it's drawn.You can block, though, and your evading speed isn't affected. This is a great weapon for those that time their attacks wisely, using hit and run tactics to deal heavy damage.


TriangleOverhead Slash
Triangle (Hold)Charged Slash
CircleWide Slash
Triangle + CircleRising Slash
While Charging Triangle, CircleTackle


True Charged Slash ComboTriangle (Hold)Left Analogue + Triangle (Hold)Left Analogue + Triangle (Hold)
Lunging ComboCircleCircleCircle
Stationary ComboCircleTriangle + CircleCircle

Long Sword

The Long Sword acts like the Great Sword, but trades some of that damage for increased mobility. You can attack while moving, dodge while attacking, and increase your damage using Spirit Blade. This is one for those that never want to let up the attack, incorporating dodging into your attack pattern.


TriangleStandard Attack
Triangle + CircleAttack + Evade
R2Spirit Blade
Mid-Combo R2 + CircleForesight Slash
R2 + TriangleSpirit Thrust


Basic ComboTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
Spirit BladeR2R2R2R2
Fade Slash ComboTriangle + CircleR2R2R2+ Triangle

Sword & Shield

The Sword & Shield is the quintessential beginner's weapon in Monster Hunter – though don't mistake that as ineffective. It's got everything: great mobility, charging attacks, guarding, and even the ability to use your slinger and items while drawn. Use this if you're new to Monster Hunter.


TriangleStandard Attack
CircleSpecial Attack
Triangle + CircleAdvancing Slash
Mid-Combo Left Analogue Down + Circle (Hold)Charged Slash
R2 + TriangleRising Slash
L2 Or R2 + SquareUse Items
L2Ready Slinger
L2 + R2Fire Slinger


Basic ComboTriangle + CircleTriangleTriangleTriangle
Powerful ComboCircleCircleCircleCircle(Hold)
Stun ComboLeft Analogue + CircleCircleCircleCircle (Hold)
Charged SlashComboTriangle + CircleLeft Analogue Down + Circle (Hold)TriangleOr Circle

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades unleash attacks very rapidly, though each deals about as much damage as a bee sting. Each hit you land charges up your Demon Gauge though, which allows you to enter Demon Mode. This provides new attacks and buffs your damage, movement, and evasion, but drains your stamina bar while active. Completely fill your Demon Gauge to enter Archdemon Mode, which enhances your actions and increases your attack further. This weapon's for those that think the best defence is a good offence.


TriangleStandard Attack
CircleLunging Strike
Triangle + CircleBlade Dance
R2Demon Mode


Basic ComboTriangleTriangleTriangle
Demon Mode ComboTriangle (While In Demon Mode)TriangleTriangleTriangle + Circle
Moving ComboCircleCircleTriangleCircle


The Hammer hits the hardest with each individual attack of any weapon in Monster Hunter: World. Much like the Great Sword, it's slow and decreases your mobility. You can't guard with this weapon either. However, it does make up for it with its Charge ability, which has three stages and boosts your attack power, ability to stun, and makes you immune to flinching. Stunning is the Hammer's trump card, as it allows you to get your best attacks in while the monster is unable to retaliate. This is for those that like to kill monsters before they have a chance to retaliate.


TriangleStandard Attack
CircleBig Bang I
R2 (Hold)Charge
While Charging, Release R2Charged Attack
While Charging, CirclePower Charge


Basic ComboTriangleTriangleTriangle
Charge Combo 1While Charging, Release R2 (Tier 1 Charge)TriangleTriangle
Charge Combo 2While Charging, Release R2 (Tier 2Charge)TriangleTriangle
Charge Combo 3R2 (Hold Until Tier 3 Charge)Left Analogue + Release R2Triangle (On First Spin)Triangle (On Second Or Third Spin)Triangle (On Fourth Or Fifth Spin)

Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is an incredibly unique weapon that's best used in parties. Rather than attack, you'll perform melodies to apply buffs to yourself and nearby allies. It kind of turns Monster Hunter into a rhythm action game, and It's the closest thing it has to having a healer class, so pick it if that's how you like to roll.


TriangleNote 1
CircleNote 2
Triangle + CircleNote 3
R2Perform Melody


Stationary ComboCircleTriangleCircleLeft Analogue Right Or Left + X
Vulnerable ComboCircleLeft Analogue Up + Triangle + CircleTriangle + CircleLeft Analogue Up + Triangle
Self Improvement ComboLeft Analogue Up + TriangleTriangleR2R2


Attack UpTriangleCircleCircleR2R2 (Extended Version)
Health BoostCircleTriangle + CircleTriangleR2R2 (Extended Version)
Wind Pressure NegatedTriangle + CircleTriangle + CircleCircleR2R2 (Extended Version)
Defense UpTriangleTriangle + CircleTriangle + CircleR2R2 (Extended Version)
Deflected Attack PreventionTriangleTriangleR2R2 (Extended Version)


The Lance is the most defensive weapon in Monster Hunter: World, providing a shield and solid reach, keeping you at a safe distance from your opponent. You can use counter-thrust to immediately block an attack and counter or switch right to PowerGuard, which enormously reduces your stun time when attacked. This drains your stamina though, so timing is key, but it's perfect for blocking a powerful enemy's attacks. Use the lance if you want to go full defence and counterattack.


TriangleMid Thrust
CircleHigh Thrust
Triangle + CircleWide Sweep
R2 + CircleCounter-Thrust
R2 + Left Analogue + TriangleGuard Dash
R2 + Triangle + CircleDash Attack
R2 + XPower Guard


Basic ComboTriangleTriangleTriangleLeft Analogue (Left Or Right) + X
Guarding ComboR2 + Left Analogue + TriangleCircleTriangle Or Circle
Endless ComboR2 + CircleTriangle Or CircleR2 + CircleTriangle Or Circle


The Gunlance is one of the most interesting weapons available in Monster Hunter: World. It acts similar to the Lance, but provides less defensive options in favour of increased range and firepower. We really mean firepower too, as the Gunlance can fire shells like an enormous revolver. You can fire shells individually, over a long range, and all at once in a wide shotgun style attack. Like to have a little bit of everything?The Gunlance is for you.


TriangleForward Attack
Triangle + CircleStrong Attack
R2 + TriangleUpward Attack
R2 + CircleReload
R2 + Triangle + CircleWyvern's Fire


Basic ComboLeft Analogue +TriangleTriangleTriangleCircle
Burst Fire ComboTriangle + CircleTriangleCircle
Strong ComboTriangle + CircleTriangleTriangleTriangle Or Circle

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is the best example of risk versus reward in Monster Hunter: World. It's an incredibly powerful weapon, capable of switching seamlessly between anAxe and a Sword and doling out just an insane amount of damage. Not only that, but your damage increases the longer you keep up a combo, thanks to the sword's ability to generate heat. You do have to be careful though, as attacks will burn through your stamina if you let them. You might have to use a Whetstone a little more often as well, thanks to the sheer number of attacks. This is for those that love to build up insane combos.

Controls (Axe)

TriangleStandard Attack
Circle (Repeatedly)Wild Swing
Triangle + CircleRising Slash
Left Analogue + CircleAdvancing Attack
R2Morph To Sword

Controls (Sword)

TriangleStandard Attack
CircleStrong Attack
Triangle + CircleElement Discharge
R2Morph To Axe

Combos (Axe)

Basic ComboLeft Analogue + TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
Sword Mode ComboCircle(Repeatedly)R2


Element Discharge ComboTriangleTriangleTriangleCircleCircleTriangle + Circle(Triangle Repeatedly)

Charge Blade

The Charge Blade is the antithesis of the Switch Axe. It focuses more on defence but still offers a bunch more offensive options than the traditional Sword & Shield. The idea here is that you attack in sword mode to build up energy that you store in phials. You can then unleash this energy as elemental attacks when you swap to Axe mode. This is a good weapon for those that fancy something a little bit different.

Controls (Sword)

TriangleStandard Attack
Circle (Hold)Charged Double Slash
Triangle + CircleForward Slash
Left Analogue + Circle (Mid Combo)Sliding Slash
R2 + TriangleMorph Slash
R2 + CircleCharge Phials

Controls (Axe)

TriangleStandard Attack
CircleElement Discharge
Triangle + CircleAmped Element Discharge
R2Morph Slash

Combos (Sword)

Basic ComboTriangle + CircleTriangleTriangle
Element Boost Spinning Slash ComboCircle (Hold)Triangle + CircleTriangle + CircleR2
Boost SwordMode ComboCircle (Hold)R2 + CircleTriangle (Hold)

Combos (Axe)

Amped Element Discharge ComboLeft Analogue + TriangleCircleCircle
Element Discharge ComboTriangleCircleTriangleCircle

Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive is another incredibly interesting weapon. It acts a lot like a staff in its attacks, and you can vault off it to gain air and devastate monsters from above. You can also summon a Kinsect to harvest extracts from monsters that give you a temporary buff. This is a great weapon for those that like to fight alongside a pet.


TriangleStandard Attack
CircleStrong Attack
L2+ TriangleHarvest Extract
L2+ CircleRecall
L2 + R2Mark Target
R2 + XVault
Triangle (Midair)Aerial Attack
Circle (Midair)Jumping Advancing Slash
X (Midair)Midair Evade


Quick ComboLeft Analogue + TriangleTriangleTriangle
Red Extract ComboLeft Analogue + CircleTriangleCircle
Midair ComboR2 + XXCircle

Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is a lighter version of the Heavy Bowgun that allows for faster movement and reload, but doesn't hold as much ammo and suffers from heavier recoil. The Wyvernblast ability lets you place bombs on the ground that explode when attacked. This is the best out of the two for those that like to fight from range, use traps, and have all those ammo types at their disposal. Choose the Light Bowgun if you want to turn Monster Hunter: World into a third person shooter.


L1 + X or TriangleSelect Ammo
Triangle +CircleMelee Attack

Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun packs a serious punch, though at the expense of decreased mobility. Whip it out and you can merely walk, and it even effects your ability to evade. Load your special ability, though, and you will literally tear through any monster in your path. This basically serves as a machine gun, dealing insane damage. You've also got the various different ammo types, so it's a very diverse weapon. It might be best suited to parties due to the limited ability, slow reload and attack speed, and slow recharge for your Special Ammo. Choose this if you just want to sit back and cut through foes with a beast of a machine gun.

L1 + X + TriangleSelect Ammo
Triangle + CircleMelee Attack


Last but not least we have the bow. The advantage to this weapon is its great mobility, range, and damage. Seriously, unleash a Dragon Piercer on a pack of enemies and watch them fall. You can charge a single damaging shot or fire off barrages of increasingly powerful attacks, fire an arc of arrows into the air, or spread your shots if an enemy gets in close. You can also apply coatings to arrows to improve damage, or place various effects on your opponent. The Bow is an excellent weapon for those that like to go it alone.


CircleSpecial Shot
Triangle + CircleDragon Piercer
L1+ X or TriangleSelect Coating
TriangleLoad / Unload Coating


Arc Shot ComboR2 (Hold)R2 (Hold) + Circle
Power Shot ComboR2 (Hold)R2 (Release)Circle
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