Frequently asked questions (2023)

Frequent questions from prospective ticket buyers:

Is buying a ticket with Tixel safe?

Yes. Tixel has many safety features designed that make it the safest place to buy e-tickets:

  • A. We check all uploaded e-tickets in multiple ways and reject any tickets that have been modified or tampered with.
  • B. We hold onto your money safely until after the event takes place and you are through the doors.
  • C. We utilize a fraud scoring system and employ digital finger print and geolocation checks on all transactions. Any user who does not pass our criteria is unable to sell you a ticket.
  • D. We have a dispute resolution service to make sure that every transaction is fair. If our dispute resolution team finds the transaction to be unfair, we can reverse the transaction.

Despite all these safety features, because Tixel has not issued the original ticket to the seller, a rare occasion may arise whereby something can go wrong. In this situation, you are covered by Tixel’s buyer guarantee. This aims to protect you from any financial loss from the purchase and we will endeavour to make sure that inconveniences to you are kept to a minimum.

What does it cost to buy a ticket with Tixel?

In addition to the selling price we charge a small percentage service fee that will be added to your purchase (typically 6% + banking). This fee gives you access to all our safety features that protect buyers. You will be notified of the fee on the confirmation page during your order.

What if the event organisers require names on the tickets to be changed?

For these events, we ask buyers to confirm the attendee names so that this process can be completed by the seller.

Can I contact the seller?

At the moment no, but we are hoping to add this functionality soon. If you have any questions for the seller, just let us know via Help & Support page and we can get in touch with them on your behalf or pass on details if necessary.

Can a seller print the ticket and go to the event?

We do everything we can to prevent this kind of behaviour. If a seller is found to have used a ticket that he/she has already sold, they are automatically banned from the platform, and the transaction will be reversed. Sellers are required to enter their banking details and personal information before listing a ticket, so no seller is anonymous. We are also working closely with event organisers and some primary ticketing agencies to prevent this.

Which payment methods do you support?

All purchases can be made using a credit card.

Can someone list their tickets more than once?

No, we automatically scan the barcode of each ticket and check whether this ticket has already been sold already or not. If a ticket has been sold once through the Tixel platform, it can not be sold again.

Frequent questions from ticket purchasers:

Where is the email with my tickets?

We do not email you a copy of the tickets you have purchased. They can be viewed and downloaded from My Tickets. We do include a link to this in the email confirmation.

What happens when my ticket doesn't work?

In the rare occurrence that something goes wrong at the venue, you need to let us know as soon as possible by contacting us. If you can, try to obtain any evidence from the venue such as photos or videos that will help us solve your dispute. You can contact us via Help & Support page with any issues.

My name is not in the ticket because I wasn’t the original buyer

Most events do not require your ID to match the ticket name upon entry. It is your responsibility to confirm that the event does not require name changes before buying. We also keep an eye on this and will help to provide any details required to change names once the ticket has been sold. There won’t be a problem getting in unless the event organiser has specifically mentioned that will require the name to match ID.

I didn’t receive the right ticket. What now?

Make sure you check ticket once you receive it. If it is not the ticket that was advertised, please contact us as soon as possible (within 48 hours) through email and we will help you as soon as possible. It could be a mistake from the seller or a technical glitch. Please don't put the ticket back up for sale.

Where is my name change ticket?

Some event organisers process name changes manually, so they can take a few days to process. As soon as we receive your updated ticket, we will place it in your My Tickets.

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Frequent questions from prospective ticket sellers:

Can I sell multiple tickets at once?

Yes, you can upload a listing with multiple PDF E-tickets in one file. Tixel will recognize how many pages there are in your PDF file and will separate them. You can select the e-tickets you want to sell and only the selected e-tickets will be listed. You can always check which tickets you have listed or sold in My tickets.

What tickets can I sell?

You can use Tixel to sell any kind of ticket! Gigs, festivals, theatre, concerts, parties, exhibitions, sporting events, conferences, etc. As long as it is in PDF form.

Can I use an unsold ticket myself?

Yes, as long as you delete your listing from Tixel and the ticket has not been sold. It is very important to delete the ticket once you decide you are going to use it, because someone can buy your tickets last minute or even when the event has already started, and the buyer might not get into the event. You can delete or edit your listing through My tickets.

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Can I resell my ticket I bought on Tixel?

Yes! It's possible to resell the ticket you bought on Tixel. As long as you comply with all our selling rules, you are good to go! You can simply click ‘resell’ in ‘My tickets’, and we’ll relist the ticket at the price you bought it for. If you want to edit the price – you can do this in you ‘My tickets’ page once its relisted.

I see that Tixel requires original tickets from sellers. What's an original ticket?

An original ticket is the PDF file that you received directly from the ticketing company (eg. Eventbrite, Ticketmaster...). If you manipulate the file in any way (eg. export, scan or edit it) it will be refused by our upload process.

How can I tell if the event organisers require name changes?

You should also check the Facebook Event Page or the event website to confirm . We do our best to let you know of all important details about tickets you are selling.

What if the event organisers require names to be the tickets to be changed?

Tixel supports events that require name changes. After your ticket has been sold, we will provide you with instructions to finalise the transaction via email. It is the seller’s responsibility to complete this process quickly and accurately, including covering any costs associated with the name change. If name change has not been completed within 8 hours, or within 1 hour on the day of the event – Tixel reserves the right to reverse the transaction.

What does it cost to sell a ticket with the Tixel?

If you want to sell your ticket, creating a listing is free. We charge a small service fee once your ticket is sold (typically 5% + banking). The service fee grants the seller access to Tixel’s safe payment facility to guarantee the safety of your transaction. You can see exactly how much you will receive if you sell your ticket during the upload process.

Is selling a ticket with Tixel safe?

Yes! We endeavour to make selling a ticket as safe as possible. Your PDF ticket(s) will only be released to the buyer once they have put in valid credit card details. This way we can ensure that the money is released into your account after the transaction is finalised.

Can I use Tixel to sell tickets above cost price?

  • We cap ticket prices to ensure that buying and selling second-hand tickets is safe and easy. This means you’re always getting a good deal!
  • The maximum price is based on the highest face value of the ticket that gives the entry to the event.
  • We can’t check every tier price for early bird, 2nd round etc. If you come across any problems, let us know so we can investigate.

But remember, if we see that there are large number of early birds that are being sold for a higher price and we think you are taking advantage of the system, sellers will be blocked from our website and the account will be suspended.

I want to sell all my tickets together, is that possible?

All tickets are available for sale individually, but you can upload multiple tickets in one listing. E-tickets can be bought individually by any buyer at any time.


How can I sell my tickets directly via Eventbrite?

Instead of uploading your PDF ticket, we can fetch the ticket directly out of your Eventbrite account. Simply login to your Eventbrite account and chose which tickets you want to sell. All tickets listed this way will achieve the 'Verified with Eventbrite' status. Read more

Frequent questions from ticket sellers:

How do I delete my listing?

You can always edit and delete your active listings through the My Tickets menu. You can find this if you click on your profile avatar in the top right-hand corner. You can only delete your ticket listing before it has been sold.

How do I edit my listing?

You can always edit price and delete your active listings through My Tickets.

How do I know that my ticket is sold?

Every time someone buys a ticket from you, you will receive an email and SMS from us notifying you of the sale. You can check the status of all your tickets in My Tickets at any time.

Frequent questions from sellers:

Which ticket is sold?

In My Tickets you can see all your individual tickets for sale and their corresponding status. If you want to check the PDF, you can also do this by clicking on ‘Preview’.

When do I receive my money?

Tixel will release your funds the day after the event takes place. We wait until the conclusion of the event to protect the buyer from double sellers and fraudsters.

You can then withdraw your funds from your “My Payouts” dashboard. Funds can take up to 1-2 business days to reach your account once they have been withdrawn, depending on your banking provider.

Remember to update your bank details in the “My Payouts” dashboard when you sign up. If this is your first time using Tixel, your bank account will have to be verified by our banking partner before we release your funds. This can take up to 7 calendar days, but don’t worry, it only ever happens once!

How do I enter / update my payment details?

You should update your bank details in the “My Payouts” dashboard. You can access this by clicking on your profile avatar in the top right hand corner of the site. You can always change your banking details at any time.

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Questions about Tixel-integrated events:

What is a Tixel verified event?

A ‘Tixel verified’ event means we are working with the event organiser to cancel tickets that have been sold and reissue new tickets to buyers with the correct names. For these events Tixel can guarantee there will be no issues at the door.

How do I sell ticket for a Tixel verified event?

Before we cancel a seller's tickets, we need make sure the seller was the original buyer of the tickets. To confirm this, as you step through the listing process, we will ask you to give us permission to check your ticket account with the ticketing provider. All you need to do is follow the prompts and we will guide you through the simple listing.

What if I have found a buyer privately?

Before you finalise your listing there is an option to create a private listing. If you select a private listing, your tickets can only be purchased by people you have issued your private link.

How do I buy a ticket for a Tixel verified event?

Buying a ticket for to a Tixel verified event is the same as buying a normal ticket, only we may ask you to confirm the attendee names at the final step before purchase.

Does my ID need to match the name on my ticket?

Yes. Event organisers go to the trouble of reissuing a new ticket in the buyer's correct name so that buyers are protected from being stuck at the door and disappointed.

Some of the common general questions:

What if there aren’t any tickets available on Tixel for the event I have searched?

If you search for an event and no tickets are available, you can request to be notified via email, SMS or Facebook messenger when a ticket becomes available.

Where are my email notification?

For popular events where tickets are sold very quickly, there may not be sufficient time to send out a notification via email. The best way to get notified is through our Facebook messenger bot. If you would like to opt in for notifications via messenger, just click ‘Join wait-list’ on the event page and send us a message on Facebook to opt in.

Why would I use Tixel to sell my e-ticket?

Tixel makes selling tickets easy and is much less stressful, as well as safer than Facebook, Gumtree and many of the unregulated other platforms currently available. Our fees are only a fraction of those charged by other secondary ticket resellers.



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