Escape tarkov woods map (2024)

Escape tarkov woods map (2)

It is mainly the best terrain for sniping experts you will find many throughout this area. In addition, large stretches of open land make it excellent for battles that occur at long distances. Below, you will learn about the map’s best places to spawn, where to leave, where to find the weapons and loot, and all the Scav locations.Īs the name indicates, it’s a massive wooded region packed with mountains and rocky cliffs.

Escape tarkov woods map (3)

This guide will explain all the exits or extraction points on the Woods map in Tarkov to help you get out of different areas easily. There’s a lot of room to shoot around and try out your scopes, as it’s one of the larger game areas.

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If you enjoy taking down your targets from a distance using a sniper rifle, this map is specially designed for you. To your advantage is key to success in eliminating the goons on the Shoreline map.Escape from Tarkov Woods map is where you will be directed in the early phase of your game journey. Overall, having a higher caliber rifle with a scope and utilizing the terrain Once inside, defend the front door and eliminate the goons one by one. The goons will likely spot you and chase you into the building. Regardless of the approach, the goal is to run inside the Weather Station building. This will likely allow you to spot all the goons. This will allow you to easily take them out one by one.Īnother option is to use a thermal scope during nighttime Shoreline and approach from the northeast side. Once they've spotted you, run back down the gap, and the goons will be stuck at the top. It's important to wait a couple of seconds before running up the hill to bait the goons into chasing you from the southwest side. The best approach for eliminating the goons is to come from the south side (coastline side) and climb vertically onto the Weather Station Hill through a small gap between two rocks. For nighttime, a thermal scope is recommended. To effectively eliminate the goons on the Shoreline map, it's crucial to have a higher caliber rifle with a scope in your loadout. Inside the Scav Bunker is your best bet for successfully eliminating the goons. Prompt him to follow you, at which point you can defend the doorway and eliminate him when he enters. If Birdeye doesn't push you, your best option for locating him is to run straight to the Scav Bunker and go down the stairs. Wait for the remaining two goons to come to you and take them down. This allows you to take out each of the goons while peeking from behind cover.Īnother effective tactic is to bring a medium range scope and approach the Scav Bunker from the southwest side, just south of Scav Lake.įrom this position, which is approximately 75 meters away from the Radio Tower in the Scav Bunker, use the rocks as cover and eliminateĪt least one goon before taking cover behind the rocks. One option is to approach the Scav Bunker from the northeast side, using the shipping containers as cover and listening for callouts from the goons after To effectively eliminate the goons on the Woods map, the first step is to carefully consider your loadout. With these tactics in mind, you'll have a much better chance of success in eliminating the goons and If possible, take refuge inside the Train Cart located just outside of Stronghold andĭefend from there. If you spot them, you can either run inside Stronghold and defend from the Food room on the first floor, or stay back near Old On the other hand, if you spawn on the ZB-1011 side of Stronghold, your first step should be to verify the location of the goons. Once they're all eliminated, extract safely. Wait for the goons to attempt to enter the building, (aka Crackhouse), and defend yourself from the second floor. Once they start chasing you, lure them to the Medical building Track Knight, Birdeye, and Bigpipe by sight or sound. Typically spawn in or around the Stronghold area, so if you spawn on the Crossroads side, your best bet is to identify and Likely depend on your spawn location, and may involve positioning yourself far back with a medium to long range scope. To effectively eliminate the goons located on the Customs map, it's crucial to carefully consider your loadout.

Escape tarkov woods map (2024)
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