Escape from tarkov woods map location (2024)

In the Priozersk natural reserve, you will find open green fields, trees, water, rocks, small hills, a mountain stash to loot and eliminate other players, and the bunkers ZB-014 and ZB-016, really important if you want to dominate the map. Of course, you don’t want to die in this place, so pay attention to this Woods map survival guide we have prepared with all the details.Įscape from Tarkov Woods map is one of the most interesting the game has. Imagine you want to take a walk in the woods when suddenly some random scav starts shooting, leaving you in the middle of a fight where every inch and every second count. Knowing every map will be important if you want to differentiate from the players that try to loot without success and die before achieving an good and successful escape. 16 which is the setting of the Factory map.Escape from Tarkov is one of the most popular but difficult games you will find.

  • In one of Tarkov's predecessors, Contract Wars, a map by the name of "Lake Svetloe" is present and playable, the name of the lake in the map, "Svetloe" might be the origin of the Svetloozersk gang name, the description of the map also states that its a resevoir providing cooling water for the Chemical Plant No.
  • Shturman (Штурман) means "Navigator" in Russian.
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    Before being added to the game in patch 0.12, Shturman was prominently featured as an example of a Scav across Tarkov media.The Red Rebel ice pick is not a guaranteed spawn. Note that the primary weapons can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples. However, the guards do utilize grenades, so one should be as careful as possible when moving up. As such, it is recommend to close the distance as much as possible, especially given that the Boss and his guards have semi-automatic weapons, and, on occasion, bolt action Mosins. Unless one is confident in their abilities, it is highly recommended to not engage in long-range combat, as the Boss and his guards are equipped for this exact purpose and snipe with deadly accuracy. As neither the boss nor his guards wear helmets, headshots are the best way to go, given that guards are often decently armored and the boss has high chest health. As the boss and his guards are often spread out, it is best to first recon the area and figure out where they are, then eliminate one of them, preferably the boss, with a single, well-placed headshot with more than 62 flesh damage, anything lower than 62 will take 2 headshots to kill. It is recommended that the player(s) take the initiative when engaging the Boss. Their weapons alternate between various semi-automatic rifles and an occasional VSS, and also have class 3 -> class 6 Armor vests.Įach rifle is loaded with ammo that is ideal for shredding all types of armor, so one should beware of staying out in the open for too long.Īll of the followers' last name is Svetloozerskiy, similar to the Reshala Guards Shturman always has two followers, each with high caliber weapons and deadly accuracy. When both followers are killed Shturman tends to take shelter in places like wooden barracks. It is also good to note that Shturman will fire warning shots (Usually 3-5) before locking onto his target, these warning shots only occur if the target is far enough away where they pose no immediate threat to Shturman himself. They also like to take positions between hard cover, or camouflage themselves with the environment.Īdditionally, it is not unheard of for one of the guards to flank or rush the player(s) while Shturman and the other guard hold positions and keep the player(s) pinned down. They prefer to keep their distance, as they are not suited for close quarters combat. Shturman and his two followers will engage the player at a long range protecting the sawmill area of the woods. He and his guards spawn at the sawmill that is located right next to big lake in the south: Shturman can be found on the Woods location.

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    Shturman needs to be killed 15 times for the quest Overseas Trust - Part 1.Shturman needs to be killed once each for the quests The Huntsman Path - Woods Keeper and The Huntsman Path - Relentless, as well as once from 75m away with a M700 Sniper rifle for the quest Hunting Trip, and 20 times for the quest Hunter.

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    Instead of the typical 4 single slot pockets, he has 5 triple slot pockets, bringing their total space to 15 slots.


Escape from tarkov woods map location (2024)
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