12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (2024)

12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (1)

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity for men to dress extravagantly. Regardless of your style preferences, looking dapper for your date can be a gratifying experience. There are many things to consider when attempting to nail the look that will "wow" your date; lucky for you, I have just the tips and inspiration you need to bring it all together and make your Valentine's heart sing.

Before we get into each outfit, I'd like to review some preliminary information for you to consider.


I recognize that not every Valentine's Day event will look the same for everyone. Many couples try to be different and think outside the box for their holiday festivities; with that said, ensure that you dress well for the occasion. Thus, the time of day, venue, and geographic location of your date are all critical considerations to be equipped for success.

If you live somewhere in the world where the weather is cold and your date is in the evening, you might want to pile on the layers so that you aren't making the mistake of looking dapper at the expense of comfort. Consider incorporating a rain jacket into your look if you live somewhere that often rains in February, etc.

For general tips on dressing well, read this article detailing my six rules for style here.


Wearing red is certainly not required for Valentine's Day. If wearing red is essential to you or your date, you'll be pleased to know that most of the outfits I'll share in this post incorporate red. But if you happen to be someone who could care less or isn't a fan of red as a part of your outfits, then I have some looks for you to consider that are entirely devoid of the color altogether.

I don't usually wear red, but Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to step outside my typical outfit rotation. Perhaps you'll also believe the same after reading and seeing what I have to share.



12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (2)

This type of look is reserved for casual dates. Some women love a good old denim trucker jacket and ballcap. Here is an excellent example of elevating a denim jacket by adding a clean gray oxford-cotton button-down (OCBD) shirt underneath with crimson chinos and sand suede Chelsea boots.

Just know that this won't keep you super warm if it's cold where you reside.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (3)

Remaining casual and making red the focal point for this outfit, I have paired a red bomber jacket with black jeans, a black turtleneck, and ash suede Chelsea boots. The ballcap is optional, but I wanted to showcase another elevated casual outfit, of which this is a great example.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (4)

This is where we start to smarten everything up a bit. Sweaters are an excellent choice for any date, and this quarter zip in ruby red is undoubtedly no exception. Underneath the sweater, I'm wearing a blue gingham dress collar polo. I have also chosen dark olive green chinos because red and green are complementary colors and always look great when paired in similar tones/shades. The olive suede chukka boots also look pretty excellent with the green pants and have great texture.

Read my article here if you want to learn how to pair colors together.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (5)

Here is a bold example of how to dress well in the rain. A lot is going on here, the point being that you don't need to worry about the rain ruining your chances of being stylish and impressing your date.

I'm wearing a Mac Coat in a brown and khaki checked pattern, designed to keep me dry and shielded from the wind and rain. I have a deep brown beanie on my head that pairs well with the coat. Underneath is a maroon turtleneck with brown hues, which pairs well with the Mac Coat. I also chose some clean white jeans and dark olive suede lace-up boots to add rugged sophistication.

This look isn't for everyone but might be just for you. Don't be afraid to break out the white denim year-round.

Read this article here to learn why dark olive is the best boot color for men.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (6)

Wearing red isn't a law that must be followed, and as promised, here are the first of a few examples of how to look dapper on Valentine's Day without wearing an ounce of red.

You can never go wrong with a well-fitting, neutral-colored sport coat. Here, I have a camel sport coat in flannel with a black crewneck shirt and dark denim jeans. The lace-up boots are olive suede and look great with dark jeans and a flannel jacket. Paying attention to textures can be a subtle and effective way of adding extra flair to your look, especially when opting for neutral colors.

Read my separate article here to learn why neutral colors are the best for men to wear.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (7)

Here is yet another sport coat in a brilliant knit gray fabric. I also chose a navy v-neck sweater layered over a navy gingham dress collar polo. Gray and blue are excellent colors to pair with one another in various shades and tones. Additionally, dark denim jeans and brown lace-up boots complete this neutral-colored ensemble.

This is yet another textbook example of how to rock a sport coat.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (8)

If your evening dinner includes some co*cktails, be sure to dress accordingly. Here is a classic navy blazer paired with some cozy garments.

If you want to know the differences between a suit jacket, blazer, and sport coat, read this articlehere.

co*cktail attire ishistoricallyvery formal(at least by today's standards). A black, dark navy, or charcoal suit isusuallymore appropriate for co*cktail events. Still, nowadays, a blazer can dojustfine if pairedsmartlywith additional garments.

Here, I have a navy blazer, a black wool turtleneck, and charcoal flannel trousers with black oxford dress shoes. This look creates asleek, dark silhouette that uses tone and texture to create visual intrigue.

Read my article here for various ways to style a classic navy blazer.

I think the look speaks for itself. Show up wearingthis, and your date will be glad she is by your side, provided the place for your date warrants such an ensemble.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (9)

Here is an example of a layered look that affords a lot of warmth if you happen to be somewhere that is brisk during February. Keep or leave the scarf; it's up to you, although a great scarf featuring a topcoat can add a lot of extra flair to any look. Speaking of which, this topcoat is gray with a herringbone pattern woven into the fabric. The texture that it gives off pairs brilliantly with the corduroy in the red trousers. Additionally, I think that corduroy takes color exceptionally well. The red trousers pop without looking overly loud, in my opinion.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (10)

Darker red and white look exceptional together. Here, I have a donegal shawl cardigan sweater in maroon red. Underneath is a navy blue dress collar polo that matches the tone of the cardigan over top of it. The white denim is a clean look juxtaposed with the darker sweater and polo shirt. The chocolate loafers and matching navy socks tie everything together, making this an exceptionally dapper ensemble.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (11)

Here is another look featuring a classic navy blazer, a gingham patterned dress collar polo, and a heather gray quarter-zip sweater. I have added a pair of textured dark denim jeans, but the clear statement piece is the pair of oxblood service boots. Oxblood is a color of footwear that I don't see many men rocking these days, but I'd say it's time for aresurgence. You'll find that oxblood can replace conventional brown-colored footwear (depending on the style of shoe/boot) and also elevate your lookaltogether.

Don't sleep on oxblood boots!This look is an excellent example of subtly adding red hues in tasteful and unexpected ways. It's a great look for anyone with a more conservative style.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (12)

A classic navy peacoat is a timeless way to add sophistication to any look while also trying to keep warm. I have paired one here with a powder blue oxford-cloth dress shirt and dark red grenadine necktie. The tie's fabric adds an intriguing texture that pairs well with the flannel charcoal trousers that make up the bottom half of the outfit. Of course, with darker colors such as navy blue and charcoal, black oxford dress shoes work exceptionally well to complete this look.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (13)

I've saved the most formal look for last. A classic navy sharkskin suit, chocolate loafers, and burgundy red pin-dot necktie. This is simple but effective for Valentine's Day, especially when you must go directly to your date from work.


Now smile, open all doors for your date (even car doors), walk on the street side of her, and pay the bill in full. You're lucky to spend time with this woman and ought to treat her like gold. The good news is that you'll be looking like a million bucks and, more importantly, a man who is worthy to be by your date's side. Be confident (never arrogant) and have a good time!

Now go and be the good man I know you to be.


12 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Men (2024)
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