12 best terrifying Roblox horror games you need to play (2024)

While Roblox is marketed as a game for kids, don’t let the blocky figures and friendly aesthetics fool you—there are serious developers involved in the title.

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There are all sorts of genres of playable games on the discover page—the first tab on the navigation bar—but one of the most popular is horror. No matter their age, people like to feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins after a good scare. Put on your headset and turn down the lights to play some of the best Roblox horror games.

Here’s our best picks, from 12 down to one.

12) The Stalker: Reborn by maximum_adhd

The Stalker: Reborn is a great game for those who want a way to fight back against the monster. You play as either a member of UNIT 8 on the hunt for the Stalker or the apex predator itself. It’s a great game to play with friends as you’ll need to use strategy if you want to be successful.

11) Spider by RoyStanford

This one goes out to all of the arachnophobes out there. In Spider, one player grows four extra limbs and starts crawling on the walls while the others try to avoid being hunted for 10 minutes. You can run, hide, or fight, but you can’t escape the skittering of the spider.

10) Cheese Escape by Spirow734

This game is probably more in-line with what you would expect from a scary game on Roblox. Cheese Escape takes the classic cat-and-mouse trope and completely flips it on its head. The goal is to find nine pieces of cheese hidden within a maze made of cheese. One little complication: there’s a giant rat stalking you and trying to kill you.

If you hear thumping in the middle of the game, run!

9) Survive the Night by Aurek Team

Another multiplayer round-based hide-and-seek horror game, Survive the Night chooses one player to become the slasher while the rest work together to survive from midnight until 6am (in-game, of course) when the round ends.

You can spend Robux to purchase new skins for your weapons and character models for the slasher to flex on other players.

8) Forgotten Memories by Qubix Games

If you’re a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s, then Forgotten Memories is the game for you. Everything from the gameplay to the animatronics models will look familiar to those acquainted with the FNaF franchise. Beware what you might see on those cameras.

7) Stop it, Slender! by Kinnis97

As you could probably guess from the title, Stop it, Slender! is a game based on the Slenderman mythos. You have eight minutes to simultaneously turn on three generators while collecting eight pages. Some of the pages won’t be accessible until all of the generators are powered up. Meanwhile, Slender (another player) will pop up periodically and drain your camera’s battery life (which is also your health bar) the longer you look at him.

6) Apeirophobia by Polaroid Studios

Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity or eternity. It’s also a game with a combination of thriller, exploration, and horror aspects. The game is still in its alpha build, but it’s definitely a game to keep an eye on as it already shows a lot of promise. It also probably had the most horrifying monster designs of any game on the list.

5) Break In by Cracky4

Break In is a fully cooperative thriller game where you and your fellow Robloxians attempt to defend a neighborhood house from the bad guys trying to break in. You can choose to play as a kid or as an adult, but you’re going to need to work together if you want to survive the night.

4) Piggy by MiniToon

It’s hard to explain, but there’s something extra terrifying about being chased by someone in a pig mask. Similar to number eleven, Spider, in Piggy one player is chosen to be the killer swine while the others search for keys and items to help themselves escape. A quick tip: close the doors behind you when you’re being chased to slow down the Roblox pig.

3) The Mimic by MUCDICH

The Mimic is interesting because it provides more story than the average Roblox horror game. It takes four Japanese urban legends and brings them to life while making you the main character. There are currently four stories available, and they’re each unique with intricately crafted details and differentiated monsters.

2) The Rake by RVVZ

Borrowing its monster from the popular creepypasta with the same name, The Rake is an atmospheric horror experience. The night is dark, deep, and full of danger, and your visibility is nearly non-existent. While there are other players on the map, it’s rare to run into them randomly.

This game exceeds at giving you the feeling of being isolated and turned into prey.


When it comes to graphical quality and polish, DOORS takes the cake. The game is gorgeously designed and it’s strongly recommended you play in first person with headphones to get the best experience. While it does contain some loud jumpscares, where it really excels is in setting a creepy atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

You should remember to heed this warning: some doors are better left unopened.

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12 best terrifying Roblox horror games you need to play (2024)
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