10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Should Play (2024)

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Roblox is rather well-known for its cute and quirky aesthetic for players of all ages. However, there are also plenty of down-right terrifying Roblox horror games that’ll absolutely scare the pants off of players, with some of them even rivalling some of the most popular horror releases on the market today.

Even if you enjoy games with a spooky theme but don’t want to have to sleep with the lights on, you’ll find something among these unique horror game options. Below, you can read about the ten best Roblox horror games that are currently available.

The Best Roblox Horror Games

10. The Mimic

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The Mimic is easily one of the most horrifying games that Roblox has to offer. The game itself consists of multiple parts, drawing from four different stories from Japanese folklore and history and putting a unique spin on them.

Each part consists of a ton of detail and variety, with gamers playing as different characters for every book. The Mimic is packed with spooky and clever level designs, unsettling loud noises, and an overabundance of jump scares.

9. Dead Silence

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If you’re an avid horror fan, then chances are you’ve heard of or seen the movie Dead Silence. Well, this Roblox game is based on the same premise as that frightening film.

Players take on the role of an investigator who’s been tasked with figuring out exactly what happened to the murdered ventriloquist Mary Shaw, who’s allegedly haunting the entire town.

The majority of the scares in this game are accomplished through sounds, with eerily timed creaks, distressing ambient noises, and hushed whispers seeping from your speakers.

8. Survive the Killer!

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The name of this Roblox game aptly describes exactly what it’s about, which is surviving the killer. Survive the Killer! is a Roblox take on popular games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight.

Players can choose to take on the role of survivor or killer. Survivors must run and hide from the killer, doing their best to escape. Killers must attempt to murder as many survivors as they can before either the survivors escape or time runs out.

The concept is rather simple but super fun, like a thrilling and violent version of hide and seek.

7. 3008

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3008 is centered around possibly the scariest thing about modern society: all-consuming capitalism. This wildly popular Roblox game is based on a story from the SCP Foundation, in which a person finds themselves trapped in an endless Ikea.

While navigating a standard Ikea gives many a sense of dread, this perpetual Ikea contains several other challenges lurking in the shadows. 3008 is an ominous mixture of the mundane, desperation, and actual horror.

In this Roblox horror game, once a base is built, players must attempt to find others also trapped in the Ikea void and survive the Swedish furniture store’s employees.

6. Insane Elevator

10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Should Play (5)

While Insane Elevator may not be as scary as the other Roblox games on this list, it’s still a super fun horror game for all ages to play. Gamers must enter the elevator and brave all of its floors for a chance at winning a variety of prizes.

Unfortunately for players, many different horror icons also use this elevator, including Pennywise and Piggy. You’ll need to make it through all of the levels and complete every challenge to win the game.

Play alongside your friends and see how many floors you’re able to survive in one of the best Roblox horror games to suffer through in multiplayer.

5. The Maze

10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Should Play (6)

If being lost in a creepy maze sounds like something out of your worst nightmare, then The Maze is the Roblox horror game for you. Players must escape an underground maze, aided by a camera and a flashlight with limited battery life.

The claustrophobic maze isn’t the only thing players need to worry about. In fact, there are many unknown creatures just waiting to prey on unlucky victims.

The best part is, you can play The Maze with up to 12 players in multiplayer, so you don’t have to traverse the puzzling abyss alone.

4. Geisha

10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Should Play (7)

Geisha is based on the urban legend of “Teke-Take,” which is about a young girl who was cut in half after falling onto the train tracks.

In this game, players will head back to the home they grew up in to find that all of their family has mysteriously disappeared. Even though your family is gone, it doesn’t mean you’re alone in the house.

Players must search the desolate home for clues while dealing with several puzzles, jump scares, and the ominous feeling of being followed.

3. Zombie Attack

10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Should Play (8)

If you want to take a break from the petrifying games on this list, you can give this Roblox zombie shooter a try. Zombie Attack is a wave-based game in which players must survive as many hordes of brain eaters as they can.

As you progress further, you’ll get more powerful weapons. Among the masses of regular zombies are rare zombies and a zombie boss to keep things interesting.

While Zombie Attack isn’t too scary, unless you’re afraid of zombies, it does make a great gory horror shooter to play with your friends.

2. Doors

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This first-person horror experience has become quite the Roblox sensation that revolves around, you guessed it, doors.

In Doors, players attempt to maneuver their way through a series of spine-chilling rooms. This feat sounds easy enough until you factor in the various monsters, or Entities, that are trying to kill you.

The end goal is to complete 100 rooms without getting killed by any of these murderous Entities, such as Rush, Screech, or even Timothy.

1. Piggy

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If you’ve ever shivered at the mere thought of the kids’ show Peppa Pig, then you’ll probably enjoy this hair-raising Roblox horror game that features evil characters that resemble those from the show.

Piggy has players frantically solving puzzles as they desperately try to escape the clutches of Piggy, who’s a murderous pink baseball bat-wielding pig. It’s much more terrifying than it sounds.

Piggy is one of the most-played Roblox games with over 9.1 billion player visits. You can opt to play solo or with friends so you can all develop a healthy fear of pigs together.

Had your fill of horror on Roblox? If you want other spooky games you can play with friends, be sure to read up on the best multiplayer horror games for shared scares. Elsewhere, if you want to play Roblox but don’t want to leave Steam, we have you covered there too.

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10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Should Play (2024)
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