10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (2024)

The United Arab Emirates is one of the hottest destinations for technology innovation, which leads to remarkable growth in the IT industry. The credit goes to the government’s strategic vision and remarkable steps in flourishing the IT sector in this country. As per Statista, the penetration rate of technologies like AI and VR is projected to surpass 50% in UAE by 2027.

You can easily find top IT companies in UAE located in different emirates across the region. Dubai is one of those. The city is home to leading IT companies that operate their business all over the world. Be it startups, or established market players, Dubai houses different types of IT companies.

Be it its state-of-the-art infrastructure, favorable environment or skilled workforce, the city provides everything to help IT companies flourish and find a plethora of opportunities to grow. Be it a cybersecurity company, or a software development company, Dubai is the best place to find different types of IT firms.

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List of 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai

Let’s explore here a complete list of IT companies in Dubai, which have a good market reputation for rendering world-class services.

CompanyYear of EstablishmentBest Services
The NineHertz2008App Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing
Cubix2008Mobile Application & Game Development
Eleks1991Product and Service Design
Promatics Technologies2008Web Development, Mobile App Development
Dubai Technology2006ITInfrastructure,Managed Services
IBM Middle East1911AI, ML, DevOps, Automation, and more
Element 8N/AWeb Development, Digital Marketing
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)1968Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT
Verbat1999Software Development, AI, BI, etc.
Medas Solutions2008Healthcare Software Solutions
  1. The NineHertz

  2. 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (1)
    The NineHertz is one of the popular IT company in Dubai, which renders the most powerful IT consulting services. It offers offshore IT consulting services driven by AI and other cutting-edge technologies to help your business get an edge over competitors. It enables you to choose a range of custom software development services based on the specific needs and goals of your business.

    As a reliable IT company in Dubai, The NineHertz offers the most promising IT solutions worldwide by leveraging modern disruptive technologies. It helps businesses redefine their operation through hyper-automation, cognitive computing, etc., and thus helps them stay competitive.


  • Mobile App Development
  • Game Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Cubix

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (2)
    Cubix is one of the well-known software development companies in Dubai and renders result-oriented solutions to startups and enterprises. The company is committed to serving businesses by coding enterprise-grade software. It has an in-house team of IT consultants who are versed in cutting-edge technologies and proficient in leveraging.

    Be it iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Swift, or Kotlin, the company uses a range of technologies to deliver the most promising IT solutions to clients. As one of the award-winning IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, it has 14 years of experience in creating digital products and serving the world’s leading brands. It has partnered with technology leaders like Google, Adobe Solutions, Microsoft, and Amazon.


    • Mobile Application Development
    • Game Development
    • Blockchain Development
    • NFT Game Development
    • Web Development
    • MVP Development
  • Eleks

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (3)
    Eleks specializes in offering custom app development services in Dubai and helps clients in bringing even more complex visions to life. It offers full-cycle custom app development services while letting you emphasize delivering outstanding user experience to help your business stand apart from the competition.

    With a team of 2000+ software developers, Eleks, one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, provides different types of software products and solutions for web, desktop, and mobile.

    Once you share your project requirements, it follows numerous steps to create solutions, including idea validation, innovation and development, software testing, and project governance. Be it consultancy services, product design, custom software development, or quality assurance, Eleks renders numerous services to help businesses thrive.


    • Product and Service Design
    • Data Science
    • Cyber Security
    • PoC Development
    • Application Development
    • Cloud Migration

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  • Promatics Technologies

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (4)
    Being one of the trusted IT solution companies in Dubai, Promatics offers its services to businesses across the world. Since its inception, it has been fulfilling its commitment to offer services that can add maximum value to its client’s businesses. The company renders tailored IT solutions based on the ever-emerging digital landscape.

    It has earned vast proficiency in designing, developing, and delivering web and mobile apps that help the growth of businesses. The USP of Promatics lies in its vast expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and customer services. Its commitment is to help businesses in various ways find new avenues for revenue generation and help them sustain in today’s cut-throat market.


    • Web Development
    • Software Development
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Product Development
    • eCommerce Development
    • IT Consulting
  • Dubai Technology

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (5)
    Dubai Technology has earned vast specialization for offering IoT and AI-based modern city solutions across multiple sectors, especially in the MENA region. It delivers the best in class solutions aiming to make smart cities. As an award-winning IT solutions company in UAE, Dubai Technology is a top-rated ICT/IoT solution provider with its core expertise in minimizing the gap between tradition and technology.

    It works with a mission to become a globally recognized technology services provider that innovates the transportation industry with out-of-the-box solutions. With 25+ years of excellence, Dubai Technology enjoys an edge over its competitors.


    • Infrastructure Services
    • Contact Centre Services
    • Managed Services
    • Enterprise Solutions
    • Smart Solutions
  • IBM Middle East

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (6)
    IBM is one of the leading IT companies that have a strong presence in the Middle East region including Dubai. It has provided next-generation technology solutions for both public and private sectors in the region for a long time. The company managed to earn a huge brand reputation and delivered varieties of products and services including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and more.

    IBM offers solutions to help businesses redefine their operation while improving efficiency through innovation. It works with the aim to help businesses leverage the power of modern technologies to their fullest to maximize their growth.

    Apart from offering innovative solutions to an organization, the company also fulfills various social obligations including healthcare initiatives, skills training support, environmental sustainability, and more.

    • Cloud Computing
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Supply Chain
    • Data & Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain

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  • Element 8

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (7)
    Element 8 is one of the IT companies in Dubai that specializes in website design services. It’s a world-famous digital agency and possesses vast experience in offering a range of IT services. With an excellent track record, the company gives a kind surety to its clients to connect with their customers smoothly. IT experts working with Elements 8 blends holistic approach with innovation when crafting website design.

    With 12+ years of experience, the company has handled 700 + digital projects with 30+ in-house teams. The company has a group of IT experts who have diverse backgrounds in terms of knowledge and skill set. It works with a great sense of teamwork to match the satisfaction level of its clients.


    • Creative Strategy
    • Web Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Business Solutions
  • Tata Consultancy Services

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (8)
    TCS is a renowned IT company in Dubai, apart from many other countries in the world. It specializes in providing world-class IT consulting and business solutions. It has partnered with many businesses and helped them grow with avant-garde IT solutions.

    TCS is committed to transforming businesses through innovation. It blends contextual knowledge with experience to drive your business success through digital transformation. Be it banking, education, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, or travel and logistics, the company has earned vast experience in serving businesses from different industries. It works with a great belief to create IT solutions that can make a difference in people’s lives.


    • Cloud
    • Cybersecurity
    • Cognitive Business Operations
    • Enterprise Solutions
    • Data and Analytics
    • IoT and Digital Engineering
  • Verbat

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (9)
    Verbat has a team consisting of technology leaders who have a passion to deliver mind-blowing mobile and internet solutions. They follow the agile development method to ensure seamless business transformation and help businesses expand their horizon successfully. Be it Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, BI, or Machine Learning, Verbat harnesses the power of emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

    It serves businesses from different industries, including Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, NGO, Travel, and Transportation. With 22+ years of presence, Verbat has gained unmatched expertise in transforming ideas into amazing solutions aligned with your business goals. Since its inception, the company has delivered 2500+ projects so far and claims 1000+ satisfied customers.


    • Application Management
    • Business Consulting
    • Digital Marketing
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Business Consulting
    • Business Technology Advisory
  • Medas Solutions

  • 10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (10)
    Medas is a leading software solution provider and caters mainly to healthcare sectors. It renders software solutions to different sectors of the healthcare industry be it hospitals, medical centers, veterinary clinics, polyclinics, pharmacies, and various medical laboratories.

    Founded in 2008, Medas is a part of the UNISIS Group and works with the sole aim to digitize healthcare services to ensure quick and top-quality services to patients. With a decade of experience, it possesses vast domain expertise and serves as a reliable technology partner with the healthcare service provider in UAE and GCC regions. It offers complete ERP solutions to the business of different sizes.


    • Customized Software Solutions
    • Interfacing with Lab Equipment
    • 3rd Party Integration Services

    Things to Consider While Choosing the Best IT Companies in Dubai, UAE

    10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (11)
    Even though you have a complete list of top IT companies in Dubai, still it becomes a tough task to pick the right one among them. Let’s delve into some of the factors that you can always consider to shortlist the best company based on your specific needs and goals.

    1. Check Portfolio

    2. The portfolio of any company is the best place to explore their past works and thus their expertise. You should spend enough time visiting the portfolio of the shortlisted IT companies to check what types of projects they have handled in the past. It gives you a complete idea in terms of their expertise & proficiency, and also the type of projects that they can handle in a better way.

    3. Experience

    4. Experience is something that matters a lot when hiring an IT company. An experienced service provider can deliver you quality work and thus can match your expectations. It’s advisable to check the experience of the IT company that you wish to hire in any particular industry and manage specific project requirements.

      If any company has more experience, it reflects that they provide top-quality services. Make sure they have experience in handling the same kind of project that you want to develop.

    5. Communication

    6. Communication is another crucial factor that you should always keep in mind when hiring an IT company in Dubai. You need to understand that effective communication plays a crucial role in making any project successful. You should always go with an IT service provider that promises to have an effective and transparent communication process.

      They should be able to provide you with every update throughout the project development. Make sure they respond to your queries without taking too much time.

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    7. Types of Services

    8. The next thing that you should know is the type of services that your IT service provider offers. The majority of IT companies in Dubai render services including mobile app development, web design, IT consulting, software development, cybersecurity, etc. So, you should always choose an IT company that provides all these services based on your needs.

    9. Data Security

    10. Security is another thing that you should never ignore when hiring an IT services provider. Make sure the company you hire offers complete cybersecurity and data protection. You should hire an IT company that has a proven track record for security and also implement the latest industry practices for protecting your valuable data.

    11. Cost

    12. Last but not least, the cost is another crucial thing that also determines your selection of an IT company in Dubai. You should talk to your service provider about their charges for the services you need. If you think that the cost is within your budget, you can hire the best IT company accordingly.


    So, above are some of the renowned IT support companies in Dubai, which are most frequently hired by businesses from multiple industries. No matter which IT company you are interested in hiring, make sure they are trusted.

    The NineHertz is one of the trusted companies that grab the attention of those who look for world-class IT services. It provides a range of IT services to match the diverse needs of the business while ensuring maximum satisfaction.


    1. What are the Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Dubai?

    2. The top IT outsourcing companies in Dubai are The NineHertz, IBM Middle East, TCS, Promatics Technologies, and more.

    3. Which IT Jobs are in Demand in Dubai, UAE?

    4. There are several IT jobs that are in demand in Dubai. Some of these highly demanded IT jobs are Artificial Intelligence expert, Machine Learning Specialist, Cloud Computing Specialist, Software Developer, Web Developer, Network Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, and more.

    5. What is the Average Salary in Dubai for IT Professionals?

    6. Well, the average salary for IT professionals in Dubai is approximately AED 7,500 monthly. Apart from the salary, the average additional compensation is also given to these professionals, which starts from AED 5,000.

    7. Which IT Company has the Most Employees?

    8. TCS is one of the largest tech companies in Dubai that have the highest number of employees. At present, the company has a total of 616, 171 employees.

    9. Which is the Best IT Company to Work for in the UAE?

    10. The NineHertz is one of the reliable IT companies in Dubai, where you can choose to work. Apart from this, you can also choose some other companies such as IBM, TCS, Cubix, and many more.

    11. What are the Different Types of IT Companies in the UAE?

    12. In UAE, you can find various types of IT companies such as Software Development Companies, IT Consulting firms, Cybersecurity firms, Cloud Computing firms, Managed Service Providers, and many more.

    10 Best IT Companies in Dubai 2023 | IT Consultants in Dubai (2024)
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